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Global Words You Should Know

Subjects : literacy, vocabulary
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1. Natural - inborn

2. To give up power

3. Any igniter that is used to initiate the burning of a propellant; mix together different elements

4. Of recognized authority or excellence; relating to ancient Greece or Rome

5. To come together in a group or crowd - assemble

6. Royal authority; supreme power and authority

7. Castrated males - originally in charge of protection of the ruler's concubines. Eventually had major roles in government - especially in China.

8. The ceremony of installing a new monarch

9. Regard with feelings of respect and reverence

10. Sameness; monotony; uniform - the same all over

11. Independence; self-determination - political independence

12. Predicted; foretold

13. A way of life in Which men and women withdraw from the rest of the world in order to devote themselves to their faith; living life as a monk

14. Strength - energy

15. Faithfulness; allegiance; loyalty

16. Lower in rank or position - secondary; one Who is in a lower position or under the orders of someone else;

17. Belief in government run by religious leaders

18. A fortified military post where troops are stationed

19. Open disrespect for a person or thing - look down on with disdain

20. (n) an example that may serve as a basis for imitation or later action

21. Devotion and reverence to God

22. Worldly; not pertaining to church matters or religion

23. Relating to or involving ships or shipping or navigation or seamen

24. Native to a certain area

25. Woven materials; cloth

26. Strive to equal or match - especially by imitating

27. Worldly; not pertaining to church matters or religion

28. To wipe out; to destroy

29. A cruel and oppressive dictator - tyrant

30. A person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions.

31. To give up power

32. The combination of parts to make a whole

33. To move or act with haste; proceed with haste; hurry

34. Right of inheritance belongs exclusively to the eldest son; seniority by birth

35. Someone Who is drafted into military service

36. Belief in government run by religious leaders

37. Largely inactive - accustomed to sitting

38. Decaying or decayed - especially in terms of morals - downfall

39. The business given to a commercial establishment by its customers

40. Mistress

41. Having superior power and influence

42. The act of being formally connected or joined

43. A remote and undeveloped area

44. The most powerful members of a society (some with hereditary titles)

45. Following in time or order - following - coming after or later

46. Otherworldly; mysterious; enigmatic

47. The act of being formally connected or joined

48. Outward demonstration; indication of the presence of something;

49. Love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it

50. Based on or tracing descent through the male line