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GMAT Quantitative General

Subjects : gmat, math
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Odd and Even rule.

2. How to check whether a number is a multiple of 3.

3. Always try to factor

4. In general - medium questions require how many steps to solve?

5. Probability and Geometry.

6. Quadratic formula

7. Set Problems formula

8. Circular permutation: The number of ways to arrange n distinct objects along a fixed circle is?

9. Compound interest formula

10. Inscribed Angle - Minor Arc

11. Combined Events: Not E = P(not E) = ?

12. Properties of 0

13. If you have to guess in a problem - which ones should you guess? Especially if you have to plug numbers.

14. 45-45-90 triangle basic lengths of sides

15. Sq. rt(3)

16. 3rd Rule of Probability: Conditional Probability

17. Average Rate: Average A per B

18. Number of integers from A to B inclusive = B - A + 1 - How many consecutive integers are there from 73 through 419 - inclusive?

19. How many liters of a solution that is 10% alcohol by volume must be added to 2 liters of a solution that is 50% alcohol by volume to create a solution that is 15% alcohol by volume?

20. Simple Interest formula (remember this is only the interest earned - not the total amount of money present in the bank after interest earned)

21. Gross

22. Some GMAT word problems involve groups with distinct 'either/or' categories (male/female - blue collar/white collar - etc.) The key is to do what with the information? 1. Find total number of possible outcomes. 2. Find the number of desired outcomes.

23. How to check whether a number is a multiple of 4.

24. 4th rule of Probability

25. Since Mieko's average speed was 3/4 of Chan's - her time was 4/3 as long.

26. Number added or deleted

27. Odd Factors

28. How to check whether a number is a multiple of 6

29. 0! = ?

30. Formula for Mixed Group problems (involving Both/Neither)

31. What to do with equations that have fractions

32. x^r/s = ?

33. How many liters of a solution that is 15% salt must be added to 5 liters of a solution that is 8% salt so that the resulting mixture is 10% salt?

34. 30-60-90 triangle basic lengths of sides

35. 2nd Rule of Probability: P(E) = 1 - P(not E)

36. Net

37. Permutations: Order Matters

38. How to check whether number is multiple of 9

39. Percent Formula

40. 3^3 x 4^3 = ?

41. Indistinguishable events how to find the number of permutations

42. gcd(m,n)

43. The number of outcomes that result in A divided by the total number of possible outcomes.

44. Triangle abc with d on the outside with a line. What does d = ?

45. Dependent events: When are two events said to be dependent events?

46. 1/8 = what %

47. What does the Sum of the angles in a Regular Polygon formula look like?

48. Trial Problems: look at the probability of NOT OCCURRING

49. Price purchased for by wholesaler

50. Simple Interest Formula (remember this is the total amount of money in the bank after the interest is earned)