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GRE Literature: World Literature

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1. It describes the exploits of a discharged U.S. Navy sailor named Benny Profane - his reconnection in New York with a group of pseudo-bohemian artists known as the Whole Sick Crew - and the quest of an aging traveller named Herbert Stencil to identify

2. Wrote 'The Myth of Sisyphus' and 'The Rebel'

3. It tells the story of the Bridau family (Phillipe and Joseph) - trying to regain their lost inheritance after a series of unfortunate mishaps.

4. The play tells the story of a childless woman living in rural Spain. Her desperate desire for motherhood becomes an obsession that eventually drives her to commit a horrific crime. Her desperation is driven by the social norms of her culture - and th

5. The Patna and Patusan - Begins: 'Stately - plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead - bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed.' Begins: 'All this happened - more or less'

6. Raskolinikov'S sister - she is decisive and brave - ending her engagement with Luzhin when he insults her family and fending off Svidrigailov with gunfire.

7. Involves a blind daughter and hunting rabbits in a loft.

8. Leading formalist who wrote 'Morphology of the Folktale'

9. The protagonist of 'The Mill on the Floss.' Her brother is Tom.

10. Ephraim Cabot and Abbie Putnam

11. Ejlert Lovborg and Thea Elsted

12. It tells the story of an Italian-American widow in Louisiana who has allowed herself to withdraw from the world after her husband'S death - and expects her daughter to do the same.

13. Begins: 'Someone must have slandered Josef K. - for one morning - without having done anything truly wrong - he was arrested.'

14. The story is about a businessman called Blake - who is accosted on a train at gunpoint by his former secretary - named Miss Dent. The woman is mentally ill - and is particularly upset with how Blake left her after a one-night stand and then fired her

15. (A lawyer and a painter) Herr Huld and Titorelli

16. A historical psychological novel in two volumes - chronicling an aesthete carpenter'S son and his attempts to socially rise beyond his plebeian upbringing with a combination of talent and hard work - deception and hypocrisy yet who ultimately allow

17. Contains several parallels with Dante'S Inferno - the last circle of Hell being a bar called 'Mexico City.' 'God is not needed to create guilt or to punish. Our fellow men suffice - aided by ourselves...Do not wait for the Last Judgment. It takes pla

18. Ends: 'I lingered round them - under that benign sky; watched the moths fluttering among the heath - and hare-bells; listened to the soft wind breathing through the grass; and wondered how any one could ever imagine unquiet slumbers for the sleepers

19. An aristocratic woman. The protagonist of 'The Cherry Orchard.'

20. 'The Camera Eye' sections are written in stream of consciousness technique and add up to an autobiographical Knstlerroman. Narrates the lives of twelve characters in free indirect speech.

21. Wrote 'The Flowers of Evil' - He influenced a whole generation of poets with his highly original style of prose-poetry - and even coined the term 'modernity.'

22. Wrote 'The Archaeology of Knowledge' and 'The Order of Things' - 'Episteme' and 'dispotif' - Panopticism - biopower - and governmentality

23. The novel depicts the inward journey of Mrs. Curren - an old classics professor. She lives in the Cape Town of the Apartheid era - where she is slowly dying of cancer. She has been philosophically opposed to the Apartheid regime her entire life - but

24. A master of epic theatre and the 'distancing effect.'

25. His plays are generally considered untranslatable.

26. It satirizes the British landed gentry and mercantile class. The novel is set in the 1930s - and focuses on the breakdown of the marriage of Tony and Brenda Last

27. It describes life above and below stairs in an Irish country house during the Second World War. In the absence of their employers the Tennants - the servants enact their own battles and conflict amid rumors about the war in Europe; invading one anoth

28. Zosima

29. Melanctha - 'The Good Anna' and 'The Gentle Lena' - Set in the fictional town of Bridgepoint

30. Criminal who also goes by Trompe-la-Mort - Jacques Collin - and Abb Herrera

31. The husband of Emma Bovary.

32. Hector'S wife

33. Garcin - Inez - and Estelle

34. Tomas and Tereza

35. A one-act play which explores themes of isolation - miscommunication - social disparity - and dehumanization in a commercial world. The main characters are Peter and Jerry. Concludes with a stabbing in Central Park.

36. Best known for his analysis of interpretive communities an offshoot of reader-response criticism.

37. Ends: 'Yes - they will trample me underfoot - the numbers marching one two three - four hundred million five hundred six - reducing me to specks of voiceless dust - just as - in all good time - they will trample my son who is not my son - and his son

38. The protagonist and 'misanthrope' of the title. He is quick to criticize the flaws of everyone around him - including himself. He cannot help but love Climne though he loathes her behaviour.

39. Subaltern - strategic essentialism

40. A retelling of the story of Phaedra - Theseus - and Hippolyte.

41. Raskolnikov'S love who is forced to prostitute herself to support herself and the rest of her family. She is meek and easily embarrassed - but she maintains a strong religious faith.

42. The play concerns an aristocratic Russian woman and her family as they return to the family'S estate just before it is auctioned to pay the mortgage. While presented with options to save the estate - the family essentially does nothing and the play e

43. Gregers and Hjalmar Ekdal

44. The narrator describes him as the 'hero' of novel and claims that the book is his 'biography.' A young - handsome man of about twenty - he is remarkable for his extraordinarily mature religious faith - his selflessness - and his innate love of humank

45. Based on Euripides' 'Hippolytus' - Tells of a mother'S love for her step-son during her husband'S absence. She drinks poison at the end.

46. Achilles' son

47. After the death of her second husband an imperious mother imposes a period of mourning on her five daughters to last eight years - as has been traditional in her family.

48. The story documents the troubles of Tayo - a Native American World War II veteran who strives to overcome PTSD and end the drought that is devastating his Laguna Pueblo people.

49. Ends: 'Who knows but that - on the lower frequencies - I speak for you?'

50. Wrote 'The Meaning of Meaning' - Wrote 'The Principles of Literary Criticism' and 'Practical Criticism'