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Healthy Eating Habits

Subject : health-sciences
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1. Eat at least ___ calories per day.

2. About ____% of all of the calories you eat go toward the amount of heat yu burn by pocessing food.

3. Energy intake

4. People who eat only once a day have very low resting

5. ____ in equals ____ out

6. Too much stored ____ can lead to obesity an obesity- related diseases

7. Coffee - tea and cola - has this effect - which increases the amount of urine the kidneys produce

8. Endurance -training athletes should consume approx ___ grams of carbs per kilograms of body weight.

9. Foods with less ___ have fewer calories.

10. ___ in ___ Americans are overweight.

11. Women get ____ pounds for their first 5 feet of height.Every inch adds ___ pounds.

12. The excessive amounts of ____ and ____ in the Atkins and Zone diets can lead t cogged arteries that can - in turn - lead to heart attacks and strokes.

13. Hypothalamus

14. Dr. Robert Atkins

15. Lean

16. Body density

17. isoflavones

18. It is dangerous to loose more than ___ or ___ per week.

19. Fresh

20. 'Thermic effect of food'

21. ____ just causes the body t crave high fat to replace the lost body fat.

22. Women require more fatty tissue because of the physiological requirements of...

23. Calories in equal calories out

24. Less

25. Hunger

26. Behavior modification

27. Glycogen

28. Morbid Obesity

29. Yo-yo dieting

30. Body Mass Index or BMI

31. Frozen Soymilk

32. Men should have ___ to ___ percent body fat.

33. Air displacement

34. Low saturated fat

35. Appetite

36. Most training athletes require ___ to ___ grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

37. Strength- -training athletes should consume approx ___ grams of carbs per kilograms of body weight.

38. Bioelectrical impedance analysis or BIA

39. A side effect of yo-yo dieting

40. Women should have ___ to ___ percent body fat

41. On average - moderately active adult female should consume about ____ calories and ___ grams of fat.

42. Good Source

43. Two important sections on the food label are the ____ and the ____.

44. A good ____ watches for fat - not calories.

45. Being overweight can bring on...

46. Healthy side dish

47. Eating elevated amounts of ____ for extended periods has been linked to kidney and liver disease and might cause certain vitamin deficiencies.

48. About ____% of all of the calories you eat go toward basic physiological functions.

49. Anything over ___ percent body fat should set off an alarm.

50. Seitan