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Healthy Eating Habits

Subject : health-sciences
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1. To measure a person's BMI - you need

2. Women get ____ pounds for their first 5 feet of height.Every inch adds ___ pounds.

3. Foods with less ___ have fewer calories.

4. Seitan

5. The vitamins - minerals - and boanicals in slightly cooked tomatoes and carrot are used more efficiently by humans than those in...

6. On average - moderately active adult male should consume about ____ calories and ___ grams of fat.

7. Energy output

8. Too much stored ____ can lead to obesity an obesity- related diseases

9. Herbs are ____.

10. Light

11. Water displacement test

12. Eating fats __________ -and eventually you might reduce the amount of food you're eating everyday.

13. 'Thermic effect of food'

14. It is dangerous to loose more than ___ or ___ per week.

15. Sports anemia

16. ____ hold water

17. Free

18. To create a weight range - you add or subtract ___.

19. On average - moderately active adult female should consume about ____ calories and ___ grams of fat.

20. Eating elevated amounts of ____ for extended periods has been linked to kidney and liver disease and might cause certain vitamin deficiencies.

21. Frozen Soymilk

22. Two important sections on the food label are the ____ and the ____.

23. A good ____ watches for fat - not calories.

24. Soy nuts

25. The excessive amounts of ____ and ____ in the Atkins and Zone diets can lead t cogged arteries that can - in turn - lead to heart attacks and strokes.

26. Entree plates should be equally divided into ____ - with ____ for vegetables - ____ for carbohydrates - and _____ for the entree.

27. Morbid Obesity

28. Energy intake

29. Women should have ___ to ___ percent body fat

30. Bioelectrical impedance analysis or BIA

31. Behavior modification

32. Calories in equal calories out

33. About ____% of all of the calories you eat go toward physical activity.

34. Coffee - tea and cola - has this effect - which increases the amount of urine the kidneys produce

35. Good Source

36. Fresh

37. Meat analogs

38. About ____% of all of the calories you eat go toward basic physiological functions.

39. More

40. Tofu

41. The major source of energy should come from carbohydrates - with fat being a...

42. Low sodium

43. Drug therapy

44. One pound of weight equals approximately ____ calories.

45. ___ in ___ Americans are overweight.

46. Negative energy balance

47. Underweight

48. Sudden weight loss can be a symptom of ____ and some ____ - but can also mean that a person isn't eating sufficient calories.

49. ____ is denser and weighs more than fat.

50. Anything over ___ percent body fat should set off an alarm.