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Healthy Eating Habits

Subject : health-sciences
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1. Good Source

2. A person with a BMI of 25 to 30 - or 10 to 20 percent over ideal body weight - is considered to be ____.

3. Less

4. Calories in equal calories out

5. ____ just causes the body t crave high fat to replace the lost body fat.

6. Low saturated fat

7. Women should have ___ to ___ percent body fat

8. Tofu

9. Most training athletes require ___ to ___ grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

10. Reduced

11. Meat analogs

12. Sudden weight loss can be a symptom of ____ and some ____ - but can also mean that a person isn't eating sufficient calories.

13. Light

14. To create a weight range - you add or subtract ___.

15. Underweight

16. Signs of dehydration

17. Energy intake

18. Behavior modification

19. ____ in equals ____ out

20. isoflavones

21. About ____% of all of the calories you eat go toward the amount of heat yu burn by pocessing food.

22. ___ in ___ Americans are overweight.

23. To measure a person's BMI - you need

24. A hard training athlete can lose up to ___ to ___ cups of fluid per hour.

25. Men get ____ pounds for the first 5 feet of height and then ___ pounds for each additional inch of height.

26. Satiety

27. Body Mass Index or BMI

28. Anything over ___ percent body fat should set off an alarm.

29. Strength- -training athletes should consume approx ___ grams of carbs per kilograms of body weight.

30. Eat at least ___ calories per day.

31. Water displacement test

32. Low calorie

33. Fruit that contain at least 8 important vitamins

34. Carb-loading

35. ___ stay with you - keep you feeling full for long periods of time

36. About ____% of all of the calories you eat go toward basic physiological functions.

37. A good ____ watches for fat - not calories.

38. Hypothalamus

39. Coffee - tea and cola - has this effect - which increases the amount of urine the kidneys produce

40. Tempeh

41. Fortified

42. People who eat only once a day have very low resting

43. Two important sections on the food label are the ____ and the ____.

44. Morbid Obesity

45. The vitamins - minerals - and boanicals in slightly cooked tomatoes and carrot are used more efficiently by humans than those in...

46. Eating fats __________ -and eventually you might reduce the amount of food you're eating everyday.

47. Healthy food

48. An ___ is the weight at which you feel your best considering your height - bone structure - an muscle development at age 25.

49. Lean muscle uses more energy than ___.

50. On average - moderately active adult female should consume about ____ calories and ___ grams of fat.