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Hospitality And Tourism

Subject : hospitality
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1. What does an enclosure notation in a business letter signify?

2. Certain types of drawing media make it possible to

3. To develop effective political relationships within an organization - it is important for an individual to

4. When you know your group's purpose what should you do next in a discussion?

5. representative from a local distributor shows you calendars featuring photos of the most scenic locations within the community - a board game developed by the local chamber of commerce - a Fourth of July banner - and a holiday ornament designed by se

6. To prevent point-of-sale fraud - businesses usually use

7. What do managers often do after a project has been successfully completed?

8. Which of the following statements regarding using the Internet to administer questionnaires is true...

9. Which of the following steps in the selling process would salespersons take first...

10. A hotel's employees are usually expected to dress in a manner which reflects

11. One reason why it is important for hospitality and tourism businesses to identify and respond to current business trends is to

12. Which of the following is a true statement about accident prevention...

13. Finance is the business function that involves managing

14. Which of the following is a reason why hospitality and tourism businesses try to decrease their operating expenses...

15. A food server Who has mixed up an order and brought the wrong menu items is an example of ______ contributing to customer complaints.

16. One of the most effective methods of locating job leads is asking for tips from...

17. What kind of corporation sells a lot of shares and must reveal complete information about it's financial situation?

18. Which of the following is a growing trend that is having a significant impact on the hospitality and tourism industry...

19. What service would be distributed by producer to agent to consumer?

20. Which of the following is an example of the pyramid type of display arrangement in a restaurant display...

21. Participating in community outreach activities might be considered a form of

22. Obtaining goods that will satisfy the needs and wants of a business's customers is a function of

23. One reason that hotels create guest history records is to provide information for use by the hotel's __________ staff

24. It is usually most effective for goals to be phrased in __________ terms.

25. An e-mail consisting of words on a screen that one hotel employee sends to a coworker is an example of

26. Katie is opening a new bed and breakfast and might benefit from joining a hospitality trade association because she can

27. The statement - 'For a brochure that tells the whole story of Ebony Resorts - call your local travel agent or 1-800-555-5555 -' at the end of an advertisement is an example of a...

28. The friendly reception and treatment of guests

29. Hospitality and tourism businesses maintain accurate records of their income and expenses in order to comply with the government's

30. Which of the following has a significant impact on the composition of a print ad...

31. When Mal got a new job - he made sure he knew how to use the cash register - became familiar with all the products and prices and kept his work organized. In what way did he demostrate customer service mindset?

32. Which of the following is a way to show interest and enthusiasm...

33. One of the responsibilities of the business activity mof human resources management is to?

34. River Tam is a high school senior who wants to go on her senior trip and have a new outfit for graduation. Unfortunately River Tam is unable to afford both. Which of the following categories of wants is displayed by River Tam...

35. One of the barriers to assertiveness for some people is that they

36. What is an advantage of specialization of labor?

37. To give others something they need or want

38. Which of the following is a hospitality and tourism business that focuses its efforts on providing shelter for travelers...

39. What do companies try to accomplish when extending credit to customers?

40. When customers buy the exact amount of goods that producers are selling at a specific price - the ____price exists.

41. What does the airline have the right to do when booking?

42. Your supervisor has given you a job to do which must be completed before you leave for the day. Another employee has finished her assignment and offers to help you. This person is demonstrating

43. What is an example of distribution in the travel and tourism industry?

44. An import ant personality trait in hospitality and tourism is leadership - Which is demonstrated by individuals when they...

45. Maintaining comprehensive records about its customers' purchasing habits helps a company to

46. Before returning an advertising proof to the newspaper - the advertiser should

47. Which of the following would not be part of the responsibilities of a hotel's maintenance department...

48. What do businesses often need to do to continue operating when they experience negative cash flow?

49. Managers who make a return on the business investment are

50. What is a type of material often included as attachment to the appendix of short reports?