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Hospitality And Tourism

Subject : hospitality
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1. A large company that owns a chain of economy hotels recently developed plans to start a chain of upscale hotels. This is an example of

2. While an adventure tour guide is leading a white-water rafting group - a group member falls and breaks an ankle. What are the primary provisions the guide needs to help the injured group member?

3. One reason why it is important for hospitality and tourism businesses to identify and respond to current business trends is to

4. Asking customers to sign a guest book during a restaurant's grand opening provides an opportunity to

5. The friendly reception and treatment of guests

6. Certain types of drawing media make it possible to

7. Which of the following has a significant impact on the composition of a print ad...

8. An important factor that affects the legal procedure is?

9. What service would be distributed by producer to agent to consumer?

10. Research data displayed in charts - tables - and maps are an example of

11. What is not a barrier to effective verbal communication?

12. A hotel wants to purchase computer software that would store - manage - and retrieve customer information in order to better serve customer needs and increase sales. What type of software should the hotel buy?

13. A change leader might find it difficult to get support from others in a group because the others may

14. Before returning an advertising proof to the newspaper - the advertiser should

15. What is the most efficient way to follow procedures for processing complimentary offers - coupons - and discounts at an amusement park?

16. Which of the following is a purpose of using color in advertising...

17. What is the core product that cruise lines provide passengers?

18. Which of the following steps in the selling process would salespersons take first...

19. One of the barriers to assertiveness for some people is that they

20. Why do business managers often prepare and use presentation software to support reports?

21. Mal just received a letter telling him that someone else had been hired for a job for which Mal had been interviewed. Since Mal didn't get the job - does he need to write an interview follow-up letter to the company

22. Occupations involved in providing pleasure for people involved in leisure-time activities

23. An important aspect of typography in advertising involves the effective use of

24. The statement - 'For a brochure that tells the whole story of Ebony Resorts - call your local travel agent or 1-800-555-5555 -' at the end of an advertisement is an example of a...

25. Which of the following is a way to show interest and enthusiasm...

26. Three types of communication usually found in a business with a formal communication newtwork are...

27. Which of the following would not be part of the responsibilities of a hotel's maintenance department...

28. An import ant personality trait in hospitality and tourism is leadership - Which is demonstrated by individuals when they...

29. What does the airline have the right to do when booking?

30. What is a guideline employees should follow to be good listeners?

31. Companies obtain internal information about their various business activities to operate effectively by monitoring

32. In what primary way does a T account benefit an accountant in maintaining financial records?

33. Servers who can easily sell patrons additional food or beverage items they had not originally planned to buy are using __________ selling.

34. Which of the following is an advantage of a rolling budget?

35. Internet Explorer is an example of __________ software

36. Hospitality and tourism businesses maintain accurate records of their income and expenses in order to comply with the government's

37. Managers who make a return on the business investment are

38. Businesses that ask several vendors to submit prices before making a purchasing decision are managing the

39. What do companies try to accomplish when extending credit to customers?

40. When you know your group's purpose what should you do next in a discussion?

41. A travel agent who prepares a factual announcement and asks the media to present it free of charge to the public is...

42. To prevent point-of-sale fraud - businesses usually use

43. Presenting fresh merchandise and keeping displays spotless are two important activities in __________ displays

44. Your supervisor has given you a job to do which must be completed before you leave for the day. Another employee has finished her assignment and offers to help you. This person is demonstrating

45. What kind of corporation sells a lot of shares and must reveal complete information about it's financial situation?

46. In what situation would vertical conflict in a channel of distribution?

47. What is an advantage of specialization of labor?

48. While conducting an environmental scan - a convention bureau obtained information revealing that consumer confidence was gaining strength in the nation. This is an example of a(n) __________ factor.

49. Slow/Methodical customers take alot of time to make buying decisions because they are either indecisive or shy. Shy customers are refered to as___________ customers.

50. An e-mail consisting of words on a screen that one hotel employee sends to a coworker is an example of