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Hospitality Information Technology

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1. provides a daily summary of reservation records that were created - modified - or canceled

2. Focused on ability for peopler o collaborate and share info online. It's more dynamic than the previous version and its more organized. Based on serving web applications.

3. Global distribution systems are owned by and used by...

4. Employee ordering needed supplies or information

5. Keys proframmable by management for specific menu items

6. Indicates to managers how well categories of menu items sell and when

7. Performs back and front office functions - supports housekeeping and catering. Keeps track of frequent guests and customers - internet reservation modules - tracks luggage as well.

8. Ensures all payments and charges are captured and recorded correctly.

9. Selling through internet to the extranet - like online shopping

10. Used in evaluating pricing design and contents of a menu

11. An e-commerce strategy in which a seller negotiates a discounted rate with a supplier hotel and then adds a standard markup factor and sells the room to consumers

12. Uses an inprinted bar code rather than a manual server entry to access a guest check

13. Installed in guest room and takes control of the lights and AC when it doesn't detect motion.

14. Centrally controlled - individually controlled - and network controlled.

15. Can be a one way ELS or two way. One way uses an electric key encoder while two way communicates to locks wirelessly. One key can be used in multiple locks for both.

16. Safes and keycards use this technology for fingerprints - and scanners.

17. Automatic form number reader

18. POS terminal used only for taking orders (no cash drawer)

19. Prevents info from one guest check from overwriting info from another

20. simultaneous buying and selling of an asset in order to profit from a price difference

21. Form of selling with no major party needed

22. Employees place finger on small sensor to authenticate and log them in. Replaces passwords and key cards making it easier and more secure.

23. Projects furure hotel revenue by using projected occupancy rates and room rates

24. Exs such as mechanical keys - key cards - etc. They're inexpensive - convenient - traceable - secure - replaceable - low cost for new keys - recyclable - etc.

25. Non automated bar based on manual checking or honor system

26. Massive network of networks - networking infrastructure. Connects millions of computers globally - info travels through it through protocols.

27. Energy Management system

28. Uses intranet - like the dell computer example. Supply chain technology

29. Microprocessor based bar - capable of monitoring and posting sales transactions - determining refill and exp dates.

30. A set of demand forecasting techniques used to develop pricing strategies that maximize rooms revenue

31. Recipes used to create a part of a menu item

32. Connects a CRS and GDS - providing consumers and agents access to the CRS. Helps incur switch feeds.

33. Lowest or highest selling price on a menu

34. Indicates to managers how well individual products sell

35. Price look up keys

36. System that reduces guests wait times - improves service - lowers amnt of decisions employees need to make - processes reservations and wait lists - distributes workload evenly - captures customer info - appropriate for high volume restaurants.

37. Bar equipped with a door alert system that reports to the minibar central computer via telephone line when the door is opened.

38. Similar to intranet but it enables the firms business partners (like suppliers and consumers) to access the firms intranet.

39. Video display for kitchen orders

40. Keyboard overlay for each meal period

41. Using sub recipes as part of a menu item recipe

42. Market Code

43. POS terminal used only for entering orders

44. This system is a challenge because the server is located off site and the internet connection is sued to collect data from pos terminals to transfer to the remote server. it can be unavailable is the connection disconnects.

45. An intermediary between a central reservation system and e-distribution channelse

46. Automated report used in beverage alcohol sales to resolve discrepancies between sales by category and sales by beverage server

47. An e-commerce strategy in which a seller negotiates to a discounted rate with a supplier hotel and then adds a standard mark up and sells to consumers

48. Summary of all relevant sales reports produced during a business week

49. Micros - Aloha - Digital Dining - Positouch - Restaurant Mgr - Maitre D - Squirrel - Casio

50. Key card - code based - smart card based - biometric