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Hospitality Management

Subject : hospitality
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1. Specialized knowledge or skill

2. Any advertising message sent directly to prospective customers via the mail

3. A company that operates a railroad system with combined passenger and rail service throughout the continental United States

4. Generally characterized by multiple levels of management and managers who must manage large numbers of people

5. Consistent hospitality service that exceeds guest expectations.

6. A hotel staff member who helps guest make arrangements for transportation - resturaunt reservations - event reservations - and entertainment tickets - and advises guest about activities in the area.

7. Emotive - Directive - Reflective - Supportive

8. The sale of goods or services to the customer by means of the Internet.

9. Athletic activities and competitions for athletes who do not get paid.

10. Enlisting an individual's peers to support the need for the desired behavior.

11. When managers are given responsibility for achieving certain goals but have insufficient authority to take the necessary steps toward achieving them.

12. Professional characteristics needed in the hospitality industry - including a positive personal attitude - good work ethics - maturity - and good personal appearance as well as leadership and time-management skills

13. Influencing behavior by presenting facts and appealing to logic.

14. A framework for creating an advertising message that that gets Attention - holds Interest - stimulates Desire - and acheives Action

15. A tour in which a tour operator buys all the seats on an airplane - train - or bus and resells them to travelers

16. The fulfillment of guests' needs and wants regarding recieving quality hospitality products

17. The money left from a person's gross income after taking out taxes

18. Expert - Referent

19. The area in a hospitality establisment that guests view - such as the entrance and dining room

20. The spoiling or contamination of the natural beauty and features of an enviorment - due to poor planning and design of tourism projects

21. Offering rewards or favors to achieve the desired behavior.

22. A basic - physical - or extended attribute of a product or purchase

23. The variation of consumer demand due to a change in price

24. Redistribution of power within an organization that enables managers - supervisors - and employees to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

25. Statistics that describe a population in terms of personal characteristics - such as age - gender - income - ethinicity - or education

26. Small unique inns that offer a full breakfast with a night's stay

27. Generating enthusiasm and commitment by appealing to the other's values or emotions

28. Staff member in uniforms - including the bell staff - valets - security offers - concierge - and door or garage attendants

29. An authorization stating that one has fulfilled the requirements for practicing in a feild or career

30. Any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas - goods - or services by an identified sponsor

31. The customer's faithfulness to a business and its product - demonstrated by the customer purchasing the product again

32. Low levels of dominance and Low levels of Sociability - Avoid decisions - stiff

33. Travel for the sole purpose of conducting and individuals or companys buisness

34. A feature advantage of a product

35. An organization that works with meeting planners to provide tourist information services to business and leisure travelers

36. A branch of tourism encompassing adventure tourism and sustainable development of regions for future generations

37. The process of developing - promoting - and distributing specefic locations to satisfy travelers and maintain appeal as long as possible

38. An effective network for an airline formed by a hub - or a large airport - connected to other smaller airports called spokes

39. A person who organizes - manages - and takes the risk of owning and operating a buisness

40. Pricing products by calculating all costs and expenses and adding desired profit

41. Consultation - reasoning - inspirational appeal - ingratiating appeal - peer pressure - bargaining - pulling rank - upward appeal.

42. A condition of being subject to change or alteration

43. Statistics about consumers based on their knowledge - attitudes - use - or response to a product

44. Travelers who prefer familiarity and creature comforts and seldom try anything new or different

45. A reward that is usually in the form of money but may also be stock options - profit-sharing privileges - a company vehicle - and/or a bonus program

46. A local or regional event with national or possible international appeal that occurs once or annually

47. Advertising with a goal of developing goodwill or a positive image

48. Document that job seekers fill out to help employers screen applicants.

49. The final stop of a journey - or the goal for travelers

50. Authority granted to a position within the hierarchy of an organization