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Hospitality Services

Subject : hospitality
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1. Emphasizes and supports the composition of food.

2. Price of a sleeping room used as the benchmark quotation.

3. Responsible for reservations - registration - room assignments - room status - payment collection - telephone operation - departmental bookkeeping - and deposits.

4. Foodservice which compete for customers in an open market.

5. Againg of American population; changes in income - and changes in family.

6. Someone who organizes - manages and asumes the risks of a new business.

7. Sole proprietorship;general partnership;limited partnership;corporation;subchapter S corporation.

8. Growing target market which food services are modifying to accomodate.

9. Include dining rooms - banquest halls - snack counters - and beverage outlets.

10. Federal agency requiring truthful and informative labeling of products.

11. Luxury;First-class/upscale; mid-scale motor hotels; budget/economy

12. Monies owed by the business.

13. Dry heat-baking - roasting - and broiling; Moist Heat- foods with liquids; Frying-browns by sauteing or flip frying - pan frying - griddle frying - deep frying - or pressure deep frying; Combination Cooking Method-first three methods in a sequence or

14. Method of cooking that uses very little fat.

15. A major part of guestroom security.

16. Reduce the amount of paper to be managed.

17. Controller - auditor - credit manager.

18. Final details and pricing signed by the client.

19. Commercial hotels - luxury hotels - resort/gaming hotels - motels - motor inns - bed and breakfasts - conference centers.

20. Tourism segment that includes learning about nature and the environment.

21. Detailed description of services offered and their prices for an event presented to the client.

22. Process of converting raw materials into a service.

23. Executive Chef - Sous Chef - Cook - Assistant Cook - and Salad Maker.

24. Operations not associated with a lodging operation.

25. 41 F - 140 F which allows foodborne organisms to grow.

26. Remove moisture and grease; create a picture with the food.

27. Services are provided by owner and do not have payrolls.

28. Assisting and serving customers so that they enjoy themselves.

29. Person who works in front of the pss-through window assembling orders before taken to customers.

30. Loss of vitamins and minerals to water.

31. These established goals to attract cutomers - stay ahead of competitors - and be profitable.

32. Lodging operations with food and beverage.

33. Purposefully causeing interest to further the growht and acceptance of the item through special activities.

34. Areas of a business that don not generate revenue - but provide support to the revenue center so they remain profitable.

35. Run by owner but owner also hires a supporting staff of employees.

36. Refers to departments that are seen by guests. Includes management - service - front office - accounting - cedit - security - human resources - sales - and reservations.

37. Divides and classifies types of cutomers and their needs in order to tailor services - locations - products and prices to their needs.

38. Informaton about a person - place or thing that is prepared as a news item.

39. Reference Daily Intake standards set for for protein - vitamins and minerals.

40. Supervises kitchen staff - food quality and food cost - kitchen safety - prep lists - mise en place.

41. Shelter - rest - food and nourishment-basic physical needs/and safety and security.

42. Federal agency that investigates unfair methods of competition in business.

43. Name developed as automobiles became widely used in California in 1925.

44. Security - acceptance - love - business - family.

45. Monies owed to the business.

46. Desired yield/Original yield= Conversion Factor - Multiply the Conversion Factor by quantity of each ingredient in original recipe to get new quantities - ie - Conversion Factor/Original Quantity = New Quantity

47. To provide body with fuel to create heat and energy; builds - repairs and maintains the body.

48. Department that directly produces income for the business.

49. Put oneself in antoher's place and understand his or her feelings.

50. Responsible for maintenance and repair of facilities.