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Hospitality Services

Subject : hospitality
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1. Monies owed by the business.

2. Refers to departments that are seen by guests. Includes management - service - front office - accounting - cedit - security - human resources - sales - and reservations.

3. Method of cooking that uses very little fat.

4. Againg of American population; changes in income - and changes in family.

5. Responsible for maintenance and repair of facilities.

6. Wages - salaries - bonuses and benefits paid.

7. Purposefully causeing interest to further the growht and acceptance of the item through special activities.

8. Executive Chef - Sous Chef - Cook - Assistant Cook - and Salad Maker.

9. Exlcusive owner of the franchise's trademark name adn service an is the franchise's parent company.

10. These established goals to attract cutomers - stay ahead of competitors - and be profitable.

11. Business executives preference for meetings.

12. Division of kitchen staff into special areas for different tasks and responsibilities created by Chef Escoffier.

13. Areas of a business that don not generate revenue - but provide support to the revenue center so they remain profitable.

14. Divides and classifies types of cutomers and their needs in order to tailor services - locations - products and prices to their needs.

15. Price of a sleeping room used as the benchmark quotation.

16. Lodging operations without food and beverage.

17. Include food preparation areas - food receiving and food storage areas.Banquest or catering changing room arrangements and decoration. Storage and management of equipment and supplies for banquets.

18. Everything ready- assemblage oall cooking utensils - equipment - and ingredients for cooking.

19. Sole proprietorship;general partnership;limited partnership;corporation;subchapter S corporation.

20. 'the thing speaks for itself'- the use of circumstantial or indirect evidence of negligence to impose liability.

21. Controller - auditor - credit manager.

22. Most common job-related accidents.

23. Run by owner but owner also hires a supporting staff of employees.

24. Supervises kitchen staff - food quality and food cost - kitchen safety - prep lists - mise en place.

25. 1. Server calls order in a clear voice; 2. Written orders placed on a spindle with new orders to right; 3.Designated kitchen employee reads the order aloud; 4. Computer entries.

26. Assisting and serving customers so that they enjoy themselves.

27. Department that directly produces income for the business.

28. Chopping and peeling - change food from its original state - especially Vitamin C.

29. Federal agency that establishes and enforces food product standards.

30. Information management.

31. Detailed description of services offered and their prices for an event presented to the client.

32. Operations not associated with a lodging operation.

33. Daily Recommended Value-standards for food labeling values for food components and nutrients - such as cholesterol - fat - and fiber.

34. A direction or tendency that a significant number of individuals appear to be following.

35. Luxury;First-class/upscale; mid-scale motor hotels; budget/economy

36. Emphasizes and supports the composition of food.

37. Desired yield/Original yield= Conversion Factor - Multiply the Conversion Factor by quantity of each ingredient in original recipe to get new quantities - ie - Conversion Factor/Original Quantity = New Quantity

38. Shelter - rest - food and nourishment-basic physical needs/and safety and security.

39. Security - acceptance - love - business - family.

40. Person who works in front of the pss-through window assembling orders before taken to customers.

41. Inn - hotel - motel - motor hotel - and motor lodge.

42. Responsible for reservations - registration - room assignments - room status - payment collection - telephone operation - departmental bookkeeping - and deposits.

43. Reference Daily Intake standards set for for protein - vitamins and minerals.

44. Federal agency that investigates unfair methods of competition in business.

45. Smaller - identifiable groups of customers or guests who share a specific set of needs or expectations.

46. Recommended Dietary Allowances for Americans- nutrient standards for maintenance fo good nutrition.

47. Monies owed to the business.

48. Commercial hotels - luxury hotels - resort/gaming hotels - motels - motor inns - bed and breakfasts - conference centers.

49. Speeds oxidation causing loss of nutrients.

50. The business of managing the most important resource used by a business-people.