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Hospitality Vocab

Subject : hospitality
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1. American Society of Travel Agents

2. One or more bedrooms and connecting parlor

3. Cruise Lines International Association

4. A discounted fare or hotel rate to be applied at a time that is slow season and usually not the busiest

5. American Hotel Lodging Association

6. Do all possible

7. Total Quality Management

8. A flight booked exclusively for a specific group or groups

9. A term referring to the legally published rates of the hotel

10. Air Transport Association of America

11. Large hotel rom with partition dividing bedroom and sitting area

12. Estimated time departure

13. A menu or list of items from which guests select various choices and each section is priced seperately

14. Local escorted sightseeing trip

15. A calender period between a peak season and off season usually favored by promotional fare

16. Estimated time arrival

17. World Tourism Organization

18. International trade association of local tour operators

19. A room that can be occupied by four persons

20. American Automobile Association

21. Hotel accomidations with three meals daily included in the price of the room. aka ' FULL PENSION'

22. A travel plan Which includes most elements of a vacation such as tranportation - accomodations -and sightseeing

23. To change to a better class of service or accomodation

24. Modified American Plan - room and breakfast and either dinner or lunch

25. A room occupied by two persons and having two single beds

26. Certified travel counselor - degree conferred on the completion of a course granted by Institute of Certified Travel Agents- attesting to professional competemce

27. Special family rate policy of hotel which usually provides that no charge is levied for children sharing room with parents

28. A person with power to act for a principal supplier

29. Hotel keeper- an owner or manger

30. Domestic Independant Tour/ Domestic Inclusive Tour

31. Official airline guide

32. Grenwich mean time- solar time and used as the basis for calculating standard time for the entire world

33. The International Air Transport Association

34. A promise by a supplier to provide the best possible accommodation for a client requesting the reservation. mean client will pay for the best available

35. Extra commissions paid by airlines - wholesalers - suppliers - govn't.etc bonuses or incentives

36. Name used by National Railroad passenger corporation- operates almost all intercity passenger trains

37. National Tour Brokers Association-trade association of us tour brokers

38. In the British Isles and Ireland - includes hot or cold cereal - bacon or ham and eggs - toast butter - jam or marmalade and a beverage

39. Hotel accommodations with no meals included in the price of the room

40. Trans- Atlantic Passenger Steamship Conference

41. A professional travel escort- sent to supervise arrival details

42. Voucher issues by tour operator to cover payment for sightseeing or entertainment feature client

43. Revenus Per avaliable room

44. An AAA affiliated retail agency organization

45. Average daily rate

46. A fee collected by a govn't for departure from the city or country

47. Rate Per person in a room shared by two

48. Travel offered as a reward by business to employees as an incentive to stimulate sales or as a reward

49. The industries that provide and market services and facilities for pleasure travel

50. An all inclusive tour offering services for an established price.