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Hotel Business

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1. Larger - more luxurious - more amenities - outside view - have themed suites and all-suites - less variation

2. Sub-department of Food and Beverage. It supervises restaurant - banquet and bar managers

3. Room + 'Light' Breakfast

4. Small 'individual' properties that offer personalized service

5. 1500 rooms or more

6. There is always a limit to increase - Increases drive customers to use substitutes or do without - There is no such thing as a 'captive' market.

7. ADR= room sale÷ number of rooms sold

8. Size - Class - Type - Plan

9. An agreement between a hotel owner and a management company by which management company operates the hotel within the conditions set down by the contract - for a fee

10. Closely follows the nation's economic phases: Hotels follow a roller coaster economy - Build during good times - overbuild into the downturn and world oil supply impacts travel and occupancy

11. 7:30 AM-3:30 PM

12. The relationship between revenue per room and the total room inventory available.

13. An intermediary between the hotel and the guest who buys the room for the guest

14. Investment vehicle for real estate deals including hotels - many tax advantages. Restrictions prevent them from operating hotels - so they set up related companies to run the hotels.

15. A cooperative structure - where members pay fees and get services that a chain would provide. ex. Best Western. A way for independent operator to get the advantages of a chain without sacrificing their independence or individuality.

16. Supervises reservations - telephone - concierge and uniformed services. Reports to Hotel Manager.

17. A group assembled to promote a common purpose

18. European Plan - Continental Plan - American Plan - Modified American Plan

19. Small independent roadside motels family owned and operated. These are declining in numbers.

20. 100 rooms or less

21. The place in the lobby where guest-services are managed and coordinated.

22. The number of available rooms is the standard of measurement.

23. Hotel Manger/ Resident Manager/ House Manager/ Rooms Division Manger/ Guest Services Manager

24. Provides systems and brand recognition

25. Sub-department of Food and Beverage. It is headed by a 'chef'.

26. Special - highly prized single entities.

27. Occupancy= number of rooms sold÷ number of rooms available for sale

28. Tend to be numbered upward sequentially. Omit floors 13 and room 13. Asian hotels omit floors 4 and room 4.

29. 150 to 300 rooms

30. Rooms that abut along a corridor. May be connected with a door. All connecting rooms adjoin; but all adjoining rooms do not connect!

31. Percentage of double occupancy=(number of guests - number of rooms occupied) ÷ number of rooms occupied

32. Freebies given to guests to 'reward' stays

33. 1. Developer 2. Financier 3. Equity/Ownership 4. Management Company 5. Franchising Company

34. Manages the Front Office. Needs technical - math and people skills

35. The major reason by far that franchisees sign up.

36. Average Daily Rate (ADR); the amount received from each room sold.

37. Rate - By level of Service - By level of amenities - Different Rating Systems

38. The buyer (franchisee) acquires rights from the seller (franchisor) to the exclusive use of a name product - and system of a franchisor within a defined geographic area - for a fee.

39. Commercial/Business/Corporate - Residential - Extended-Stay - Resort - Bed and Breakfast - Boutique Hotels - Trophy Hotels

40. A name and logo recognized by customers. A unique package of products - services - amenities and ambience at a price point that is associated with that brand.

41. 300 rooms or more

42. Responsible for general cleanliness of guest rooms - corridors and public spaces. Handles linen - uniforms - laundry and lost & found.

43. An unsold room can never be sold again for that particular night.

44. Change prices- demand is static - True only for a LIMITED range of products - business traveler.

45. 'Keeper of the Keys' - provides services from A-Z.

46. Room Only

47. The inherent value that the shopper's recognition gives to the brand. Associated with positive images.

48. You can't please all the people all the time

49. Inside rooms - odd shaped - small - of many types - sharing bathrooms

50. Room+ all three meals