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Hotel Housekeeping

Subject : hospitality
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1. This department is responsible for protecting guests from infections and illness; Largest staff in the hotel; Major function (keep clean - sanitary - and attractive).

2. To make it clean - sanitary - and attractive.

3. Supervises the attendants and seamsters. The supervisor is also responsible for keeping track of all linens and replacing linens when necessary.

4. Supplies may include shampoo - hair conditioner - moisturizing lotion - mouthwash - disposable shower caps and shoe shine cloth.

5. Manages the inspectors and the room attendants.

6. Is responsible for the linen inventory.

7. Responsible for keeping the hotel clean.

8. Used to keep the linen inventory records. The linen room must be locked. Items cannot be taken without a requisition form that is approved by the supervisor.

9. The treatment of a clean surface with heat or chemicals to reduce the number of disease-causing microorganisms to safe levels.

10. Responsible for noticing problems. making sure that no unauthorized people enter a guest room - check the rooms for damaged items or items that need repair.

11. Entering the guest room; Cleaning the guest room; Providing guest supplies; Reporting problems; Limiting guest access; Turndown service

12. The state of being free from disease-causing pathogens or having a safe level of pathogens.

13. The linen that need to be washed or have just been washed.

14. Straightening up the room and restocking guest supplies. Turns down the bedding and places a chocolate on the pillow.

15. Hot water and sanitizing solutions are used in the washing machine for both cleaning and killing pathogens.

16. A doorway-sized cart that holds cleaning supplies - equipment - guest room supplies and linens.

17. Guest use a variety of supplies.

18. A type of fungus that grow on damp surfaces.

19. Tasks include washing laundry - care of linens - and inventory of linens.

20. The state of being free of dirt and bad odors.

21. Separate laundry into these piles: regularly - damp - stained - and torn or damaged.

22. The person who cleans the guest rooms.

23. Responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of all linens.

24. Consist of all the items in the guest room made of cloth.

25. Before laundry can be washed - it must be sorted.

26. Perform all the tasks involved in washing laundry. The seamsters repair worn or torn linens. Seamsters used to be called seamstresses.

27. Housekeeping work that is performed in the evening.

28. Where clean linens are stored.

29. Repairing linens

30. The top manager of the housekeeping department.

31. The physical removal of dirt from surfaces.

32. Pathogens often thrive in the dryer's lint trap. The lint trap must be regularly cleaned with a sanitizing solution.

33. After linens are dried - they must be ironed and folded. Flatwork presses and flatwork irons are used to iron sheets. Some hotels have machines that automatically fold sheets.

34. Do Not Disturb or Housekeeping

35. Consist of the actions taken to prevent and control diseases.

36. Normal wear & tear; losses in the laundry; improper uses; theft

37. Includes five tasks: sorting - washing - drying - folding - and storing.

38. The staff includes the laundry supervisor - laundry attendants - and semesters.

39. The member of the team who checks the room after it is cleaned.

40. 1. soaking in a stain removal solution; 2. applying a detergent past to the stain; 3. using special treatment methods listed on a stain removal chart.