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Hotel Operations - 2

Subject : hospitality
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1. Ecotourism combined with practical matter for policy makers

2. Rooms available for occupancy may be closed the next day

3. The proliferation of all guest products and services when hotels compete by offering more extensive amenities

4. Protects both the guest and employee

5. (labor costs/net sales)x100; quick dining 16-18% - fine dining 30-35% - causal dining 22-26%

6. The full rate - without discounts - that one quotes as a room charge.

7. Standard rate for everyone at a hotel

8. Guest who stay past their scheduled departure time

9. A client whose company has established credit with a particular hotel. charges are posted to the city ledger and accounts are sent once or twice monthly

10. From the hours of 3:30 pm to 11:30 pm

11. Possible to exceed 100% occupancy

12. Represents the business travelers

13. Diamond Ratings

14. A cook who supervises food production and who reports to the executive chef; second in command

15. Include room accommodations only. Meals taken in the dining room are charged at menu prices. We use this in America

16. Travel for family and friends - to see new areas

17. Guests who leave earlier than expected

18. Travel for business purposes

19. A market share based on each business receiving an equal share of the market

20. No reservation

21. They would rather try the hotel desk than busier retail outlets.

22. A specific share or slot of a certain market

23. A system that increases the hotel's control over guest accounts and significantly modifies the night audit routine

24. Is mostly related to location and size of the facility

25. The market share that a business actually receives

26. Guests who cancel on the day of arrival

27. American Society of Association Executives

28. Bechamel - espagnole - hollandaise - tomato - veloute

29. All Suite hotels

30. Off-the-street

31. Following a worker to learn about his or her job

32. Hotels have love-hate relationship

33. (cost of food during time period/food sales during time period)x100; accepted rate is 28-32%

34. A running inventory that automatically updates itself

35. Represents the leisure travelers and tourists

36. Also known as the due back - difference returnable - U-owe-me's or the exchange

37. Employees who train employees

38. Courts consider reservations to be legal contracts

39. 10-30% off the rack rate

40. The number of seats filled on a flight

41. Disadvantage of being one - is that you have to pay fees. Advantages include the central reservation system

42. A paste for thickening sauces - made from equal parts of fat and flour

43. Transient accounts receivable - not city-ledger accounts. So long as the group is in the house the master account is a front-office account. Uses a standard folio

44. Registered But Not Assigned

45. Generally repairable within a short amount of time - has a minor problem.

46. Star System

47. (cost of drinks/sales of drinks)x100

48. A concept that refers to new money that is brought into a community to some extent that income then passes into the community

49. Getting the room at a certain percentage off

50. A plan to maximize guest and property safety in the event of a disaster