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Hotel Operations - 2

Subject : hospitality
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1. (cost of drinks/sales of drinks)x100

2. A specific share or slot of a certain market

3. Consists of front office - reservations - housekeeping - concierge - guest services - security and communications

4. There is no relationship between the number of city-ledger accounts and the number of occupied rooms

5. (labor costs/net sales)x100

6. A form completed during registration to provide the hotel with information about the guest - including name and address - and to provide the guest with information about the hotel - including legal issues

7. Tourism with a consience

8. A method of menu pricing that takes into account the food costs - percentage contribution margin - and sales volume

9. Guests who arrive at the hotel one or more days prior to their scheduled reservation date

10. Guest who stay past their scheduled departure time

11. Travel for family and friends - to see new areas

12. The number of seats filled on a flight

13. A cook who supervises food production and who reports to the executive chef; second in command

14. From the hours of 11:30 pm to 7:30 am

15. Getting the room at a certain percentage off

16. No reservation

17. Registered But Not Assigned

18. Some guests with reservations never arrive at the hotel.

19. Represents the leisure travelers and tourists

20. Used at zoos - keeps special needs of one time visitors and includes local specialties

21. Hotels have love-hate relationship

22. Rooms available for occupancy may be closed the next day

23. A client whose company has established credit with a particular hotel. charges are posted to the city ledger and accounts are sent once or twice monthly

24. 10-30% off the rack rate

25. Prepare a marketing plan for yourself

26. ADR x Occupancy=Rev Par

27. Include room accommodations only. Meals taken in the dining room are charged at menu prices. We use this in America

28. From the hours of 3:30 pm to 11:30 pm

29. Key operating figure in menu engineering - determined by subtracting food cost from selling price

30. Ecotourism combined with practical matter for policy makers

31. A concept that refers to new money that is brought into a community to some extent that income then passes into the community

32. Following a worker to learn about his or her job

33. They would rather try the hotel desk than busier retail outlets.

34. Bechamel - espagnole - hollandaise - tomato - veloute

35. (labor costs/net sales)x100; quick dining 16-18% - fine dining 30-35% - causal dining 22-26%

36. The average amount each group spends

37. Is mostly related to location and size of the facility

38. Enables passengers to travel from one smaller city to another smaller city

39. Blanket Reservation-800 rooms for five nights - That's 4000 room-nights - At close of convention the hotel only sold 650 rooms for an average of four nights. That's 2 -600 room-nights. - The pick up rate was just 65% (2 -600 room-nights divided by 40

40. 'of the day'-chefs specials

41. Preferred by most employees. From 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

42. The geographical area that falls within a specific radius established to determine the size of a restaurant's market

43. A report prepared each day to provide essential performance information for a particular property to its management

44. (cost of food during time period/food sales during time period)x100; accepted rate is 28-32%

45. Customer information - collected during the normal flow of the room reservation - can be stored in this - manipulated - and used for marketing and guest service/recognition purposes

46. Guests who cancel on the day of arrival

47. A system that tracks guest room phone charges

48. A paste for thickening sauces - made from equal parts of fat and flour

49. The airlines

50. Star System