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Hotel Operations Management

Subject : hospitality
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1. Rooms fill from bottom-up so we may need to construct that way - with greater availability of cheaper rooms

2. Turning away free independent traveler guests for lack of rooms due to group business

3. When they want to check in on a 'head night' and break up what is otherwise a potential consecutive day booking

4. Blocking/pre-assigning rooms

5. Encourages department performance instead of the main goal which is overall hotel performance

6. Travelers who intend to stay five days or longer and required reduced hotel services

7. The second largest employer in US - 1 OF EVERY 14 AMERICANS EMPLOYED IN TOURISM - MAKES $20000 A SECOND

8. Retained to manage a hotel on behalf of the owner

9. Determines a rooms long term availability

10. Where the poorer people stayed when traveling in the Roman Empire

11. Reservations

12. More money in cash drawer than should be

13. A checking of accounts done every morning to verify accuracy of cash transactions and to prepare bank deposit for the day

14. 1. hotel staff members greet upon arrival 2. a welcome reception for the guests is held 3. guests check in and occupy rooms 4. activities - dining - and entertainment are arranged

15. Guest accounts are all charges and payments of guests - and house accounts are all charges and payment of non guests

16. City Hotel - NY city

17. Housekeeping

18. FD/PBX

19. Determines a rooms short term availability

20. Room and meals are separate

21. Luxury - upper-upscale - upscale

22. Cashier (FD)/ uniformed services

23. 1. group common tasks to allow for work specialization - which increases overall productivity 2. training is easier because of similarity and the many opp's for inexp workers to learn from exp workers 3. fosters efficiency - teamwork - and coordinati

24. Expedia or Orbitz

25. Room + 2 meals

26. Provided to frequent business guests

27. True

28. Coles Ordinary

29. 1990; accomodate guests and employees with disabilities

30. Owns hotels affiliated with chain brands

31. Concierge/bellstaff

32. The accounting departments buys out the house petty cash vouchers with real cash - so that cash drawer is accurate

33. Address expectations and reality with honest advertising and training employees 'over delivery'

34. They are bullish because there is a near-zero amount of new hotel supply - Loans are difficult to get - Extremely limited new build activity

35. Occupancy %

36. 1. analyze the market 2. segment your customers 3. create different products for customers 4. forecast demand by segment 5. determine the optimal customer mix 6. use restrictions to maximize revenues

37. Rooms available X occupancy percentage X Average daily rate

38. Under 150 rooms

39. Hotel holds room until 4 or 6

40. Blocking fewer rooms than requested by the group based on past history

41. Owns hotel brands and sells the right to use them

42. China and India

43. No - there aren't - it is self proclaimed - not awarded

44. A number of rooms set aside for a group

45. The bank has to be re-built to the stipulated amount by giving cash back to the cashier

46. Set of registered hotel guest accounts

47. 10000 divided by 95 + 5=10000 divided by 100=100$

48. To sell every available room at the most profitable rate

49. Reservations and non refundable purchases for price sensitive guests versus opposite

50. Very sensitive to price. Leisure travel market