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Hotel Operations Management

Subject : hospitality
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1. Flat organization/ large number of employees reporting to one supervisor

2. Number of rooms occupied divided by number of rooms available

3. The second largest employer in US - 1 OF EVERY 14 AMERICANS EMPLOYED IN TOURISM - MAKES $20000 A SECOND

4. Hotel has to pay fee to VISA or AMEx - but does not reduce tip

5. Chain Management - Independent Management Company - Owner/Operator and Non- REIT owner.

6. The hotel's standard published rate

7. C corp - legal - taxable entity - REIT - exempt from corporate tax as long as they comply with certain guidelines

8. Owns hotel brands and sells the right to use them

9. Reversal of problem; solving the problem and retaining the goodwill of the customer.

10. Actual rooms revenue divided by potential rooms revenue

11. When they want to check in on a 'head night' and break up what is otherwise a potential consecutive day booking

12. Guest accounts are all charges and payments of guests - and house accounts are all charges and payment of non guests

13. Cashier (FD)/ uniformed services

14. The accounting departments buys out the house petty cash vouchers with real cash - so that cash drawer is accurate

15. Provided to frequent business guests

16. 1. Solid brands 2. Strong frequent guest program backed by excellent service and high product quality

17. 6%? look up

18. Travelers who intend to stay five days or longer and required reduced hotel services

19. Owns hotels affiliated with chain brands

20. Less money in cash drawer than should be

21. Focus is more for business clientele - airline passengers - airline personnel - and meeting attendants

22. The process of recording transactions onto a folio

23. Coupons used by members of tour groups to pay for meals etc...

24. Hotel holds room for guest credit card - advanced deposit. Billed even if they do not use the room

25. Hotels need to satisfy as many guests as possible and maximize revenues from existing demand

26. Room + 2 meals

27. Housekeeping

28. Issuing the room key

29. Means to expand quickly with little capital -collect franchise fees

30. If the bill is not paid - hotel cannot recover tip already paid out

31. No difference - just sounds nicer

32. A number of rooms set aside for a group

33. Reservations

34. Tall organization/ small number of employees report to a supervisor

35. A statement of all transactions that affect the balance of an account

36. The difference between money taken in and paid out

37. 70% occupancy - each room category is occupied at 70%.

38. Concierge/bellstaff

39. Very sensitive to price. Leisure travel market

40. When more money is paid out than comes in and the cashier uses his bank for the payment

41. Harder to get than 5 diamond

42. A collection of all transactions incurred by a guest.

43. They are bullish because there is a near-zero amount of new hotel supply - Loans are difficult to get - Extremely limited new build activity

44. Not sensitive to price. Business travel market

45. China and India

46. The bank has to be re-built to the stipulated amount by giving cash back to the cashier

47. Front Desk

48. Actual cash in dollars and cents in the cash drawer

49. Blocking fewer rooms than requested by the group based on past history

50. The separation between rich and poor