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Hotel Operations Management

Subject : hospitality
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1. Frequent travelers - vacationing families - professionals( accountants - lawyers - and executives)

2. Huge capital investment needed. Time to wait on zoning and construction.

3. Cashier (FD)/ uniformed services

4. Flat organization/ large number of employees reporting to one supervisor

5. 95+5=100 divided by 150-25=125=80%

6. Blocking/pre-assigning rooms

7. Tangibles - reliability - responsiveness - assurance and empathy

8. Determines a rooms long term availability

9. Separation between classes of hotels - luxury - mid-scale - economy

10. Coupons used by members of tour groups to pay for meals etc...

11. Reservations

12. Not sensitive to price. Business travel market

13. Tall organization/ small number of employees report to a supervisor

14. # of room no shows divided by # of room reservations

15. Negotiated based on number of rooms

16. Provided to frequent business guests

17. Harder to get than 5 diamond

18. City Hotel - NY city

19. 1. group common tasks to allow for work specialization - which increases overall productivity 2. training is easier because of similarity and the many opp's for inexp workers to learn from exp workers 3. fosters efficiency - teamwork - and coordinati

20. Reservations and non refundable purchases for price sensitive guests versus opposite

21. Actual cash in dollars and cents in the cash drawer

22. Cash according to accounts

23. Hotel verifies that a guest has a reservation. can be guarnteed or no guaranteed

24. Where the rich people stayed when traveling in the Roman Empire

25. The hotel's standard published rate

26. Concierge/bellstaff

27. The separation between rich and poor

28. A number of rooms set aside for a group

29. Hotel holds room until 4 or 6

30. Room + 2 meals

31. Number of rooms occupied divided by number of rooms available

32. Hotel has to pay fee to VISA or AMEx - but does not reduce tip

33. Room and meals are separate

34. True

35. When more money is paid out than comes in and the cashier uses his bank for the payment

36. 'end of day'

37. The accounting departments buys out the house petty cash vouchers with real cash - so that cash drawer is accurate

38. Turning away free independent traveler guests for lack of rooms due to group business

39. Date when group blocked rooms return to hotel room inventory

40. Where the poorer people stayed when traveling in the Roman Empire

41. The first american hotels differed from European hotels by charging a fixed fee (1$ per day) for food and lodging

42. 1. Solid brands 2. Strong frequent guest program backed by excellent service and high product quality

43. Travelers who intend to stay five days or longer and required reduced hotel services

44. First laws to govern hotels - no watering down beer and must pay hotel tax or get hand chopped off

45. Literally owns and operates hotel

46. Under 150 rooms

47. Determines a rooms short term availability

48. Very sensitive to price. Leisure travel market

49. Owns the hotel but retains a chain or independent management company to operate the property

50. More money in cash drawer than should be