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IELTS Trends Describing Language

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. (adj.) Step-by-step; proceeding in small stages or degrees

2. (adv.) In a manner that is consistent - even and regular

3. (v.) To go upward with gradual or continuous progress

4. (v.) To move up and down over a period of time

5. (v.) To be stable - to stay the same

6. (adj.) Consistent - even and regular change

7. (adv.) adv. In a sudden - great - and noticeable manner

8. (adv.) In a manner that is kept within reasonable or proper limits; not extreme - excessive - or intense

9. (adj.) Sudden - great - and noticeable

10. (adj.) A sharp rise or fall - almost straight up and down

11. (v.) To decrease two times

12. (adv.) To sharply rise or fall - almost straight up and down

13. (v.) To reach a maximum value

14. (adj.) Engaged in or connected with business - trade - manufactured goods - or company products

15. (v.) To become smaller or less.

16. (adv.) To a very small amount - degree - or extent

17. (adv.) Happening quickly - abruptly - rapidly

18. (v.) To decrease

19. (v.) To fall or decline rapidly

20. (adj.) Looking at everything together

21. (adv.) changing only a little bit

22. (v.) To increase two times

23. (v.) To change from a fall or a rise and become level

24. (a connector) on the other hand - as an opposite

25. (v.) To become greater or more

26. (v.) To be stable - to stay the same

27. (v.) To go up

28. (adv.) Slowly over a period of time

29. (adj.) Medium; average; not extreme in quality - degree - or amount

30. (v.) To g to a restaurant for a meal

31. (adj.) Very small in amount - degree - or extent

32. (v.) To start at a particular figure or place

33. (adj.) Happening in a short period of time; abrupt; rapid

34. (n.) All the changes over time; a pattern

35. (adv.) Every year; once a year; per year

36. (adj.) Having to do with time

37. (v.) To gradually become less - worse - or lower

38. (v.) To be stable - to stay the same

39. (adj.) Every year; once a year; per year