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Influencing Tactics

Subject : soft-skills
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1. When you are provoked or fatigued show self-control and...

2. It takes time - accept the reality of step-by-step processes and natural growth cycles.

3. Knowing there will some things out of our control

4. Talk through differences - _______ is not the thing to do when you disagree - avoid violent words or actions - avoid fleeing or sulking or feeling sorry and withdrawing

5. The use of logical arguments and hard facts to show the target that the request is a worthwhile one

6. The Golden rule

7. Occurs when the target is allowed to participate in deciding how to carry out or implement a request

8. Agree on limits - rules - expectations - and consequences - these must be clearly established - agreed upon - understood - and enforced.

9. _____________ to communicate intrinsic worth flows naturally out of our own sense of intrinsic worth.

10. The use of favors - complements or friendly behavior to make the target feel better about the influencer

11. A tactic designed to appeal to the target's values and ideals thereby creating an emotional or attitudinal reaction

12. When the requestor asks for something based on personal friendship or loyalty

13. Occurs when the requestor clearly explains why performing the request will benefit the target personally

14. Used when the requestor offers a reward or resource to the target in return for performing a request

15. Knowing advance our actions and consequent reactions