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Introduction To Culinary Arts

Subject : cooking
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1. For best results when using fresh pastas

2. A delicate type of flour that has less protein in it for softer baked goods is:

3. The best time to pasta to the water is when:

4. 1 cup is equal to:

5. The pepper that comes from the dried unripe berries of the pepper vine

6. A ham and cheese sandwich dipped in egg batter - fried and served with jelly is called a:

7. Examples of common baking sweeteners other than sugar can include:

8. A process of cooking part way - not to completion - to speed up service at a restaurant

9. A moist heat cooking method for foods like fish and chicken breasts

10. 1 quart is equal to:

11. A baked egg dish is called this:

12. 1 pint is equal to :

13. Seasonings that come from the bud - bark - roots - stalks and fruits of plants

14. The way a food feels when we bite into - touch it or cut it

15. The Italian version of a pressed sandwich

16. To cut into pieces less than 1/8 of an inch is called:

17. Which should add to the pasta for best results during cooking? Oil or Salt?

18. To let food stand in a seasoned mixture to enhance flavor and tenderize is called:

19. When can you use an egg with a crack in it from the carton?

20. To cook in a liquid where bubbles rise and break at the surface is called:

21. How long should scrambled eggs be cooked?

22. Examples of thickeners used in baking can include:

23. A type of salt produced by evaporating seawater

24. What is the smallest grade of egg?

25. A salt most preferred by chefs because it contains no additives

26. What are the five senses that contribute to how we taste food?

27. The man credited with inventing the sandwich

28. Po'boys came from which state and famous city

29. Muffin - biscuits - pancakes and waffles are examples of:

30. Chives are an example of an herb or a spice?

31. Another name for hero sandwiches

32. 3 tsp is equal to:

33. Is one of the five tastes

34. To combine two foods together until smooth and creamy

35. Which color eggs are the most nutritional?

36. To cook quickly in a small amount of fat is to:

37. The type of gas given off by certain types of fruits during the ripening process is called:

38. 1 gallon is equal to:

39. Examples of spreads for sandwiches

40. Decorative - edible accompaniment for sandwiches on plates

41. Another name for a finger sandwich

42. The pepper that comes from ripe pepper berries after they have been dried and the husk has been removed

43. Seasonings that come from the leaves and stems of plants

44. For best accuracy in baking - it recommended to weigh or scoop measure ingredients?

45. The chemical name for table salt is;

46. Cinnamon is an example of an herb or a spice?

47. Parsley is an example of an herb or a spice?

48. The shell of an egg has holes that allows it to 'breathe' in air

49. A sandwich made from a rolled pizza crust and fillings and baked is called what:

50. The best place to store eggs