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Introduction To Hospitality: Bars

Subject : hospitality
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1. Restaurant bars -hotel bars -night clubs - microbreweries - sports bars - coffee shops

2. Chianti

3. Sherry

4. The heavier the food - the heavier the wine -Champagne can be served throughout a meal -When a dish is cooked with wine it is best served with that wine -Sweet wines should be served with foods that are not too sweet

5. Style of beer brewing pilsen -czech republic

6. Type of grape from which wines are made ad for which they are named

7. Dark ale -sweet -strong -malt flavor

8. Made from a fermented mash of grain to which malt -in the form of barley is added - scotch whisky - smokey kilns - irish whisky - not dried milder - bourbon whisky corn mixed with rye - canadian whisky - from corn

9. Fuller bodied more bitter than lager

10. Any course from dry to sweet.

11. A chemical process by which yeast acts on sugar to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide

12. Poultry - fish and egg entrees

13. Any course - from dry to sweet

14. Smaller breweries -locally made and distributed - rock bottom -karl strauss - sierra nevada -samuel adams

15. A mixture of grape pulp -skins -seeds - and stems

16. Made from red grapes -coloring from grape skins - cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir

17. Port

18. France: Bordeaux and Burgundy -Champagne and Cognac

19. Gin from juniper berries - rum light is from sugarcane - dark is from molasses - tequila - white-unage; silver-aged up to 3 years; golden-aged in oak for 2-4 years vodka lacks color -odor - and flavor

20. Any game or red meat

21. Canada -Australia -South America -South Africa

22. Racking -maturing -aging a wine -filtering -fining -clarifying - bottling

23. Actually a category of red -remove skin early in fermentation

24. Any game or red meat

25. Riesling

26. Is brewed from water - malt - yeast and hops. Water accounts for 85-89% of the finished product

27. Clear light bodied

28. Physical bar setup critical for effectiveness - stations properly placed - location of well versus call brands - relationship of beer

29. Corn mixed with rye

30. Year in which a wines grapes were harvested

31. Distilled from wine - cognacs from france

32. Fruity - minty - and herbal - nutty - cheesy - smoky -

33. Properly screen and hire bar personnel spotters bank switch

34. The bar is liable if - they serve a minor - they serve a person who is intoxicated

35. Drinks made by mixing 2 or more ingredients - stirred -shaken - or blended

36. Liquor's alcohal content - in us proof is twice the % of alchohol

37. Made from white grapes -age and mature faster than red wines - riesling - chenin blanc

38. Bordeaux -burgundy -champagne -cognac

39. Poultry -fish - egg entrees

40. Bar is liable for injuries caused by intoxicated customers

41. Water -malt ground barley - yeast fermenting agent - hops

42. Training for the responsible service - sale - and consumption of alcohol - to prevent intoxication -underage drinking - and drunk driving - servsafe alcohol

43. Softness and smoothness - richness and thickness - correspond to touch and temperature

44. California -North and Central Coat (Napa and Sonoma) -Great Central Valley -Southern California -New York -Oregon and Washington

45. Safeguards the company's assets - provides reliable accounting records - promotes operating eficiency - encourages adherence o poliicles - physical count is the key to success

46. Liquid that has been fermented and distilled