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Introduction To Hospitality: Hoteling

Subject : hospitality
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1. Coming into the financial mainstream; casinos make more money from the gaming than from the rooms

2. Room revenue/Rooms Sold

3. Familiarly known - offer an alternative lodging experience to the normal hotel or motel

4. Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association; Largest Region Hotel Association in the world.

5. Similar benefits to properties as do franchises-albeit to a lower cost. Shared centralized reservation system and a common image - logo or advertising slogan. May offer group buying discounts to members - as well as management raining and continuing

6. Reasonably sized and furnished rooms without the frills

7. An industry expression used to describe a guest and an associate meeting - as when a guest walks into a restaurant. Examples: When a guest comes to check in at the front desk.

8. Price -Location -Type/Level of service

9. Offers a wide range of facilities - services and amenities

10. How much of the global workforce is travel and tourism?

11. Has declined in recent years because of the economy. High percentage of guest who check into upscale hotels.

12. Generally - people with incomes in the 35000-74000 range. Average cost per person: $95-$195 per day - depending on location and size of cabin.

13. Meets the needs of the traveling public for business or leisure reason

14. A middle-person who acts as a travel counselor and sells travel services on behalf of airlines - cruise lines - rail and bus transportation companies -hotels and auto rental companies.

15. Generally - people with incomes in the $75000-99000 range - interested in an average cost per person of $175-$350 per day. Cruise lines in this market are: Princess - Norwegian Cruise Lines - Royal Caribbean - Holland America Lines - Windstar Cruises

16. The marked differences between the segments of the cruise industry.

17. The practice of analyzing past reservation patterns - room rates - cancellations and no-shows in an attempt to maximize profits and occupancy rates and to set the most competitive room rates.

18. A concept that allows a company to use other people's money for growth rather than financing. One of the two main driving forces in the development and operation of the hotel business

19. Additional space in form of a lounge and possibly kitchenette

20. Train - Automobile - Aircraft - Cruise Ship

21. Responsible for the hotel industry's rapid boom since the 1970s. Provides operational expertise - marketing and ales clout - often in the form of a centralized reservation system. Little or no up-front financing or equity involved.

22. Guest mix consists of business - group and leisure travelers; generally in the 200 to 600 room size and are full-service

23. Provide ownership with reasonable return on investment -Keep guest and employees happy -Responsible for performance of hotel and employees -Accountable for the hotel's level of profitability

24. Housekeeping

25. Offers consumers the opportunity to purchase fully furnished vacation accommodations in a variety of forms. Fastest growing segment of U.S. travel and tourism industry. 12 -500 average cost to consumer; Began in French Alps during the late 1960s.

26. 82% of domestic travel. Approximately 670 million person-trips. Nearly half of all the pleasure travelers visit friends and family.

27. A convenient place to stay - reasonably priced and with few frills

28. Generally - people with incomes higher than 100000+. Average cost per day per person is more than $400. Ships tend to be smaller but with superior appointments and service. Ships: Seabourn Spirit - Crystal Cruises - Radisson Diamond etc.

29. MGM Grand in Las Vegas; 5 -505 rooms

30. Franchising - Referral Associations - Management Contracts - Real Estate Investment Trusts

31. Enables passengers to travel from one smaller city to another smaller city via a hub or even two hubs.

32. Hospitality and Tourism Industry

33. Given when the person making the reservation wishes to ensure that the reservation will be held. This is arranged at the time the reservation is made and generally applies in situations when the guest is expected to arrive late.

34. Leisure/Pleasure Travel -Business Travel

35. National Restaurant Association; It forecasts a need for thousands of supervisors and managers for the hospitality and tourism industries.

36. Investors do not pay corporate income tax and instead are required to distribute at least 95% of net income to shareholders. Traded as stocks; they are much easier to get into and out of than limited partnerships or the direct ownership of properties

37. Majority of guest are long term

38. The director of human resources -The director of food and beverage -The director of rooms division -The director of marketing and sales -The director of Engineering -The director of Accounting - They compile the hotel's occupancy forecast together w

39. AAA Diamond Award inspects and rates nation's hotels. Less than 2% earn 5 diamonds.

40. Combination of hotel and condominium

41. Competition between airlines to provide lower fairs has had a significant impact on increased air travel -Travelers are paying less - but carriers are spending more on fuel and other cost (cutbacks and layoffs)

42. Inclusive and diversified in accommodations

43. Provides facilities and meets the needs of groups attending and holding conventions

44. Hotel that may also have residences

45. Reservations made with sufficient time for a confirmation slip to be returned to the client by mail or fax.

46. Unique architecture - style - decor and smaller in size

47. Rooms Occupied/Rooms Available