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Introduction To Hospitality: Meetings Gaming

Subject : hospitality
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1. Total payments received for goods and services

2. Includes both land-based and riverboat casinos - card rooms - charitable games - lottery-operated games and greyhound and horse races. Approximately $70 billion is wagered - or bet - on games or races every year

3. Meetings - incentive travel - conventions - and exhibitions- represents a segment of the tourism industry that has grown recently

4. Outdoor recreational activities provided on a fee-for-service basis - with a focus on experiences associated with the natural environment

5. An event held mainly to promote informational exchanges among trade people. A large exhibition in which the presentation is the main attraction as well as a source of revenue for the exhibitor

6. A small group led by a facilitator or trainer

7. Designed to teach specific skills through hands on practice

8. A general term that refers to a career path in the growing field of special events

9. Country Clubs -City Clubs -Professional Clubs -Social -Athletic -Dining -University -Military -Yacht -Fraternal -Proprietary

10. Document used by meeting planner - manager - and meeting staff - has name date and contact person for meeting

11. Allows industries to gain corporate/professional certification by passing tests

12. The establishment of standards for each product - determined by the purchaser. For example meat's product specification includes cut - weight - size - and percentage of fat

13. Events that include weddings - engagement parties - and holiday functions

14. Small number of people - meeting takes place around one block rectangular table

15. Total amount of all bets

16. Businesses that offer games of risks as part of a total package of entertainment and leisure time activites

17. A generic term referring to any size business or professional meeting being held in one specific location and the group of members who assemble to accomplish a specific goal

18. Potential visitor

19. Clinic-Forum -Seminar-Symposium -Workshop

20. Federal act that created a statutory basis for the operation of gaming by Indian tribes in order to promote tribal economic development - self-sufficiency and strong tribal governments

21. A process employees must do when leaving work station

22. A free or reduced price trip given to travel agents - travel writers - or other intermediaries to promote destination

23. A large meeting place

24. Two different types equity and nonequity

25. A large display of products and services available for purchase - promotion information exchange among trade people

26. An area in which gaming activities involving table games and slot machines take place

27. Social - military - educational - religious and fraternal groups

28. A gala diner-dance event whose purpose is to raise funds toward a group or charity

29. Have club house - golf course - and other recreational facilities

30. Helps maintain standards by having fellow employee coach trainees- best way to quickly learn by trial and error

31. The market on which an operation wishes to focus

32. One price for a combination of items

33. An individual who coordinates every detail of meetings and conventions

34. A system of accounts used in the hospitality industry whereby all accounts have the same type of coding and all accounting procedures are done the same way

35. Only questions specifically prepared in advanced

36. All expense paid trips to exotic locations - attend motivational meetings

37. A traditional table game in which a dealer spins a wheel and players wager on which number a small ball will fall

38. Details the production assistance the act will need when arriving at the facility

39. Getting people to say nice things about your business without paying them

40. A nongovernmental - nonprofit agency serving the public

41. Includes voluntary organizations - campus - armed forces and employee recreations - as well as recreation for special populations

42. A card game in which participants play against each other instead of the casino

43. Have one or more lounges and restaurants and most have banquets facilities. They can charge an initiation fee as much as 250 -00. Members and their guests enjoy these services and are billed monthly.

44. In 1916 by Congress to conserve park resources and to provide for their use by the public in a way that leaves them unimpaired

45. Wagering of money or other valuables on the outcome of a game or other events

46. The cost of food sold plus payroll cost (including employee benefits). This is the largest segment of a restaurants cost.

47. The net amount of spending by the customer

48. Given to new people to a job - designed to show correct way of doing a task

49. Refers to one subset of the gaming industry - that is - the casino industry.

50. A usually brief - intensive educational program conducted by a facilitator or a trainer - designed for a small group of people - focuses on technique and skills in a particular field