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Introduction To Hospitality: Meetings Gaming

Subject : hospitality
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1. An event whose purpose is to raise funds for a group or charity

2. A generic term referring to any size business or professional meeting held in one specific location - which usually includes some form of trade show or exposition. Also refers to a group of delegates or member who assemble to accomplish a specific go

3. Helps maintain standards by having fellow employee coach trainees- best way to quickly learn by trial and error

4. All expense paid trips to exotic locations - attend motivational meetings

5. Planned events that are often themed to the celebration's purpose

6. An event held mainly to promote informational exchanges among trade people. A large exhibition in which the presentation is the main attraction as well as a source of revenue for the exhibitor

7. Country Clubs -City Clubs -Professional Clubs -Social -Athletic -Dining -University -Military -Yacht -Fraternal -Proprietary

8. Predominantly business orientated. Vary in size - location and type of facility and services offered.

9. Federal act that created a statutory basis for the operation of gaming by Indian tribes in order to promote tribal economic development - self-sufficiency and strong tribal governments

10. Given to new people to a job - designed to show correct way of doing a task

11. Involves professionals and organizations who serve groups such as those with mental illness - mental retardation or physical challenges

12. Attempt to create an atmosphere of another place and time - and they usually emphasize one dominant theme around which architecture - landscape - rides - shows - foodservices - costumed personnel and retailing are orchestrated.

13. A generic term referring to any size business or professional meeting being held in one specific location and the group of members who assemble to accomplish a specific goal

14. Large audience that does not need notes

15. A large meeting place

16. Wagering of money or other valuables on the outcome of a game or other events

17. Dont run tours - sell other people tours

18. A recreational park based on a particular setting or artistic interpretation; may operate with hundreds or thousand of acres of parkland and hundreds or thousands or employees

19. Document used by meeting planner - manager - and meeting staff - has name date and contact person for meeting

20. Businesses that offer games of risks as part of a total package of entertainment and leisure time activites

21. A usually brief - intensive educational program conducted by a facilitator or a trainer - designed for a small group of people - focuses on technique and skills in a particular field

22. A traditional table game in which a dealer spins a wheel and players wager on which number a small ball will fall

23. A traditional table game in which the winning hand totals closet to nine

24. Classes that all employees must take on safety - values - ethics - harassment - and service essentials

25. People join these because they are places to gather for social - recreational - professional and fraternal reasons.

26. A gala diner-dance event whose purpose is to raise funds toward a group or charity

27. Potential visitor

28. A corporate meeting whose purpose is to exchange ideas; a conference

29. Annual meetings - sales meetings - new product launching - training meetings - workshops - etc

30. The establishment of standards for each product - determined by the purchaser. For example meat's product specification includes cut - weight - size - and percentage of fat

31. A large display of products and services available for purchase - promotion information exchange among trade people

32. Prevents error that could negatively impact the business

33. Small number of people - meeting takes place around one block rectangular table

34. 445 casinos in 11 states

35. Tax paid by people staying in a city's hotel

36. A general term that refers to a career path in the growing field of special events

37. Often called eco- or adventure tourism - provides residents and visitors with access to an area's spectacular wilderness through a variety of guided outdoor activities. Provided on a fee-for-service basis - with a focus on experiences associated with

38. A company that owns and operates all aspects of tours

39. Smaller groups led by an expert with a lecture and question and answer

40. Have one or more lounges and restaurants and most have banquets facilities. They can charge an initiation fee as much as 250 -00. Members and their guests enjoy these services and are billed monthly.

41. The process of achieving unity of action among interdependent activities

42. Generally - a large display of products and services available for purchase - promoting information exchange among trade people.

43. Of all social gatherings - weddings are the most widely recognized social events

44. Workshop-type educational experience in which attendees learn by doing

45. Came about in the 1920 and 1930 when recreation and social programs were offered as a community service

46. Allows industries to gain corporate/professional certification by passing tests

47. Includes voluntary organizations - campus - armed forces and employee recreations - as well as recreation for special populations

48. Getting people to say nice things about your business without paying them

49. A nongovernmental - nonprofit agency serving the public

50. Parking - concessions - souvenir sales - catering