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Introduction To Hospitality: Restaurants

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1. Fusion Cooking

2. California Menus

3. Curbside Appeal

4. A la Carte Menus

5. Food Cost Percentage

6. Du jour Menus

7. Guest counts/covers

8. What are the different components that make up the healthcare managed services?

9. Cyclical Menus

10. What is the most important part of a kitchen layout?

11. How much do we spend on money away from home?

12. What is the expected pour cost of a bar?

13. Labor Cost Percentage

14. Back of House Operations

15. Table d'hote Menus

16. Who is the largest In-flight airline cater?

17. The two components of restaurant forecasting?

18. What does B&I Stand for?

19. National School Lunch Program

20. Average Guest Check

21. The major reason for growth in the pizza segment?

22. FIFO

23. 5 mother sauces

24. Tourist Menus

25. 6 main types of menus

26. Different Types of Bars?

27. Front of House Operations

28. Skills needed for food and beverage director?

29. What is the fastest growing ethnic restaurant in the U.S.?

30. Capture Rate

31. Par Stock

32. Service Bars

33. Contribution Margin

34. Which type of food service is focused on the tray line?

35. What are the responsibilities of the food and beverage director?