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1. Technology that creates the illusion that the user is immersed in a world that exists only inside the computer; this environment contains both scenes and the controls to change those scenes.

2. Custom-designed procedure program which automates tasks in an application program

3. Copy files between storage devices; Repair damaged data files; Guard against viruses; Compress files to take up less disk space; example: defragmenting

4. An agreement allowing the use of a software program on a single machine

5. In desktop publishing - the articles - chapters - drawings - maps - charts - and photographs that are to appear in the publication. Usually produces with standard word processors and graphics programs.

6. The Internet protocol used to transfer Web pages.

7. Microsoft Powerpoint

8. A communications protocol that enables users to download files from remote servers to their computers - and to upload files they want to share from their computers to these archives.

9. A handheld device that displays digital representations of the contents of books.

10. ~Advantages 1)Share data - increase productivity 2)Share hardware - reduce costs 3)Allow people to work together/communicate ~Disadvantages 1)Easier spread of viruses 2)Privacy issues - especially access levels not set 3)Integrity of data - when shar

11. Provides direct instruction in a clearly specified skill of subject

12. Feature in spreadsheet software that allows speculation by providing instant answers to hypothetical questions

13. Information in a form that can be read - used and manipulated by a computer

14. A unique string of four numbers separated by periods that serves as a unique address for a computer on the Internet. The IP address of the host computer and the sending computer is included with every packet of information that traverses the Internet

15. 1) creative; 2) parallel processing (multitasking); 3) image analysis; 4) common sense knowledge; 5) see relationships between concepts; 6) knowledge base is vast - not narrow; 7) translation of languages (idioms); 8) expression/interpretation of emo

16. Measurements of individual body characteristics - such as voiceprint or fingerprint; sometimes used in computer security

17. Local Area Network; Multiple personal computers connected on a network

18. Word-processing feature that divides long words situated at the ends of lines

19. Software which must be purchased through commercial channels and is copyrighted; Cannot be legally duplicated for others

20. 1) must be a disciplined worker -- self-motivation! (IB student); 2) must have good time management; 3) lack of socialization with coworkers

21. Professionally designed - empty documents that can be adapted to specific user needs. In spreadsheet software - worksheets that contain labels and formulas but no data values. The template produces instant answers when you fill in the blanks.

22. Email discussion groups on special-interest topics. All subscribers receive messages sent to the group's mailing address. (private)

23. A special type of communications software designed to access and display information at Internet Web sites.

24. A desktop-published document that uses a wide range of color; contrast with spot color.

25. Software for editing digital video - including titles - sound and special effects.

26. Block that appears at the top of every page in a document displaying repetitive information such as chapter title

27. The density of pixels - measured by the number of dots per inch.

28. 1) makes long distance meetings possible and reduces costs; 2) enables decisions to evolve over time; 3) emphasizes messages over messenger

29. Protocols developed as an experiment in internetworking - now the language of the Internet - allowing cross-network communication for almost every type of computer and network.

30. Created: 1) URL; 2) HTML; 3) HTTP://; 4) first 'browser'

31. The quantity of information that can be transmitted through a communication medium in a given amount of time. (more bandwidth = faster transmission)

32. Free software that is not copyrighted - offered through World Wide Websites - electronic bulletin boards - user groups - and other sources

33. Small text file that comes with many software packages - and contains information not included in the official documentation

34. Text-editing feature of a word-processing program which automatically moves any words that won't fit on the current line to the next line - along with the cursor

35. A continuous wave

36. Automatic replication of values - labels and formulas

37. 1)No common words 2)Change frequently 3)Use #s and letters 4)Keep it a secret

38. Intuitive: 1)throw away 2)trash bin; open file ~ folders 3)Consistent: integrated software 4)Forgiving: undo - cancel 5)Protective: double-click on closing 6)Flexible: copy/paste - shortcuts 7)Speech Recognition Software

39. Step-by-step procedure for calculating a number

40. Reference to a cell in relation to the current cell; modifies when copied

41. A method of compression that can squeeze a music file to a fraction of its original CD sized with only slight loss of quality.

42. Optical Mark Reader; A reading device that uses reflected light to determine the location of pencil marks on standardized test answer sheets and similar forms

43. Measure of character size (one point equals 1/72 inch)

44. A computer model of a real life situation used to see how a model operates under certain conditions

45. Rules of etiquette that apply to Internet communication.

46. Video clip in which one image metamorphoses into another.

47. The field of computer science devoted to making computers perceive - reason and act in ways that have - until now - been reserved for human beings.

48. 1) Paper is easier on eyes. 2) Books can be read anywhere w/o the need of electricity/batteries. 3) Books are aesthetically more pleasing. 4) Books can be highlighted and written in.

49. ~Adding/configuring new work stations ~Setting up user accounts ~Installing system wide software ~Performing preventative procedures for viruses ~Allocating storage space

50. The combination of text - numbers - graphics - animation - sound effects - music and other media in a hyperlinked document.