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1. IT Ops and Application Management are involved in _____________________

2. Detail the Service Owner's repsonsibility.

3. What is the scope of change?


5. How is the Service Design Package used?

6. What is Utilitiy?

7. What are the objectives of the Release & Deployment Management process?

8. What are the objectives of the Capacity Management process?

9. CMS

10. What is a known error?

11. What are two availability management activities?

12. What are Retired Services?

13. What are the components of value?

14. What topics are covered in Service Strategy?

15. What is the objective of Service Strategy

16. What processes are related to of Service Operation??

17. What influences the expected service?

18. What is a Config Item (CI)?

19. SPOC

20. What are the three Service Design Agreements?

21. What is Business Value?

22. What is the purpose of Continual Service Improvement?

23. What is the scope of Continual Service Improvement??

24. What Service Transition processes support all lifecycle phases?

25. What are examples of Config Items?

26. What is risk?

27. What is the purpose of Service Design??

28. What processes interfaces with Problem Management?

29. Describe the IT Service Continuity Management process.

30. What is the business value of the service desk?

31. Describe Time Scales of Incident Management

32. RACI

33. What is a Capability?

34. What is the purpose of Service Strategy?

35. Facilities Management

36. What actvities does Business Relationship Management Activities refer to?

37. CMDB

38. Volume/Phase 4: Service Operation - What is it?

39. What is the purpose of the Capacity Management process?

40. What are the 4 levels of service provision expectations?

41. What is the scope of Service Transition?

42. What processes does the Change Management process interface with?

43. How do you prioritize an incident?

44. What are the ITSCM process activities??

45. What is Utility?

46. What are the technical management groups?

47. Describe the Supplier Management process.

48. What is the purpose of ITIL Complementatry Guidance?

49. What processes does Financial Management include?

50. What is the purpose of Availability Management process?