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1. Describe the Capacity Management process.


3. What is governance and what does it do?

4. What is Data?

5. What is stored in the Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS)??

6. What is the purpose of the Service Asset & Config Management (SACM) process?

7. What are two kinds of IT Services?

8. What is the scope of the seven steps to improvement?

9. What is technical management?

10. What is the purpose of Business Impact Analysis (BISA?

11. What is a Service Pipeline?

12. What are two levels of availability?

13. What are examples of Config Items?

14. SKMS

15. What is the Organization Level Agreement?

16. What is the Deming Cycle?

17. Why is automation of technology and architecture beneficial?

18. What is the scope of Access Management?

19. What is a Resource?

20. What are the objectives of Continual Service Improvement??

21. What is the definition of Service Level Requirements?

22. What are the Service Strategy processes and functions?

23. What are the layers of the Configuration Management System (CMS)?

24. What is the purpose of Business Relationship Management??

25. What is the scope of the Service Level Management process?

26. What is a Service Portfolio?

27. What is a Process Owner's responsibility?

28. What are the three types of services?

29. OLA

30. Describe the IT Service Continuity Management process.

31. What is a Role?

32. What communication is part of Service Operation?

33. What is the purpose of the supplier management process?

34. Describe the Service Level Management process.

35. What are CSF's?

36. CMS

37. What is Request for Change (RFC)?

38. What is the Service Design Package?

39. What is the purpose of the IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM) process?

40. What is a problem?

41. What is the definition of a Service Review?

42. What is Utility?

43. CAM

44. What are the processes related to Service Design?

45. Define Patterns of Business Activity (PBA)?

46. ECAB

47. What is the Service Level Agreement?

48. How is risk measured?

49. What is the scope of Incident Management?

50. Who should the Information Security Policy be communicated to?