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1. Volume/Phase 4: Service Operation - What is it?

2. What is the Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS)?

3. What is the Service Design phase?

4. What are the basic concepts of Access Management?

5. What are the three types of Service Providers??

6. What is the purpose of Incident Management?

7. What are the technical management groups?

8. What are the processes related to Service Design?

9. RFC

10. DIKW

11. What is the Business Value of Service Strategy?

12. What is the definition of Service Improvement Plan?

13. What is the purpose of Service Strategy?

14. What are the objectives of Service Transition?

15. What is a Service Pipeline?

16. What is the Information Security Policy?

17. What is the Definitive Media Library?

18. What is the purpose of Availability Management process?

19. What is the relationship between Incidents and Problems?

20. DML

21. What processes are related to of Service Operation??

22. What processes does Financial Management include?

23. When is the Service Design Package created or edited?

24. What processes interfaces with Problem Management?

25. CAB

26. What is the scope of Service Transition?

27. What is the business value of the service desk?

28. A capability is an _________________

29. What is the definition of a Service Level Agreement Monitoring Chart?

30. What are examples of Config Items?

31. Shared Services Unit

32. What does process definitions describe??

33. What are the objectives of Request Fulfillment?

34. What is the purpose of the Transition Planning & Support process?

35. What is the CSI register?

36. What is the Process Manager's responsibility?

37. What are the supplier categories??

38. What is Warranty?

39. What topics are covered in Service Strategy?

40. What is the UC?

41. What interfacing processes are associated with Incident Management??

42. What is the purpose of the Release & Deployment Management process?

43. What are the objectives of the Knowledge Management process??

44. What drives service design?

45. What is the scope of Availability Management process?

46. What is the purpose of Service Design??

47. What are the five aspects of Service Design?

48. What are the components of the ITIL framework?

49. UC

50. What is the scope of change?