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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. How much of your building's roof must be a Vegetated Roof to earn 1 point?

2. What fixtures - fittings and appliances are outside the scope of the water use reduction calculations?

3. How can you achieve exemplary performance for Heat Island reduction - non-roof?

4. What are the requirements for Development Density?

5. What are examples of Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products?

6. What two primary areas must designers need to consider for acoutical performance?

7. What is the maximum number of points that schools projects can chose to earn for IEQ credits 4.1-4.6?

8. What percentage of the building occupants must have individual lighitng controls for controllabliity of systems - Lighting (IEQc6.1)?

9. What device is used to regulate Humidity and Temperature - making building systems more energy efficient?

10. What are the requirements for Community Connectivity to Basic Services?

11. What types of FSC wood products to not count toward certified wood (MRc7)?

12. What two synergy credits help Mitigate energy use impact by using renewable energy when Optimizing Energy Performance?

13. What is the minimum background noise level required for HVAC equipment in classrooms required for minimum acoustical performance (IEQp3)

14. What is the maximum number of points a project can under regional priority (RPc1)?

15. What % of materials or products must be harvested within a 10 year or shorter cycle to qualify for rapidly renewable materials (MRc6)?

16. When must a school implement the curriculum based on the buildings high-performance features to satisfy The School As A Teaching Tool (IDc3)?

17. What is a Foot Candle (fc)?

18. What are examples of Structural Control Technologies?

19. What are the three compliance path options described in Optimize energy performance (EACL)?

20. What is the maximum number of points a project can earn under innovation in design?

21. What are the Distances for Alternative Transportation - Rail/Bus?

22. How many calculations are required for compliance with daylight and views - views (IEQc8.2)?

23. What is the percent of Reduction of potable water used for sewage conveyance?

24. How many hours of classrooms instruction per year - per full time student are needed for schools to earn The School As A Teaching Tool (IDc3)?

25. At a minimum - projects must provide dedicated area for collection and storage of what five materials?

26. When an organization/agency is providing space for shared use to students - what should be included?

27. What is the major compliance Standard associated with low-emitting materials - ceiling and wall systems (IEQc4.6)?

28. What is the Height requirement for the flood plain?

29. When can certification be revoked?

30. From Where is the transportation distance measured?

31. What are examples of Stabilization Control Technologies?

32. What are the major compliance standards associated with low emitting materials - paints and coatings (IEQc4.2)?

33. What is an example of a Monoculture planting - which would not help with restoring/protecting habitat?

34. What is the DIFFERENCE between graywater and blackwater?

35. What are the two options for construction indoor air quality management plan - before occupancy (IEQc3.2)?

36. What are some examples of GHG's?

37. How many points can a project earn for using No Potable Water for irrigation?

38. Where can Technical Guidance be found if a project utilizes district energy systems?

39. What are the five areas SMACNA standards for recommended IAQ control measures?

40. What are the major compliance standards associated with low emitting materials - Flooring systems (IEQc4.3)?

41. How can you earn Exemplary performance for SS Credit Development Density & Community Connectivity?

42. When can wetlands count as Open Space?

43. Schools must establish an energy performace Rating Goal using what?

44. What does NPDES stand for?

45. What do the Owner's project requirements typically include?

46. At a minimum - what are some examples of FSC certified wood?

47. What is the percent for a Residential project that is going to install bike racks?

48. What must be included in water efficiency calculations?

49. If a building has garbage disposals - which Water Efficiency credit can it not achieve?

50. How is Drip Irrigation effective in saving water?