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Louisiana DMV Learners Permit Test

  • Answer 50 questions in 15 minutes.
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. When is the pavement most slippery?

2. Driving while nervous - angry - or worried may make you what?

3. The right of way in crosswalks goes to who?

4. You must always obey these given by a police officer directing traffic.

5. White dotted lines separate traffic moving in the _______.

6. How much jail time can you be sentenced to in a first offense DWI?

7. The organ of the body dramatically affected by alcohol.

8. How long does the office of motor vehicles keep a record of your DWI's?

9. Try to hit something that will _______ if a crash is unavoidable.

10. You should dim your bright lights at least _______ from another vehicle when following it.

11. Track facts: 1) You _______ the speed and distance of an oncoming train. 2) Railroad tracks - trestles - bridges and railroad yards are _______. 3) A train can appear on any track at _______.

12. Where in a car is the safest place for a child in a child safety restraint?

13. What is the safe following distance of the car ahead of you?

14. What should you do if you encounter a layer of water on the road after a heavy rain?

15. When a large truck is trying to negotiate a right-turn and a car wedges itself between the truck and the curb.

16. What should you do when you are involved in an accident?

17. What do large vehicles create that can cause a motorcycle to lose control?

18. If the rear end of your car begins to skid to the right side - you should turn your front wheels to the _______.

19. What should you do if you miss your exit?

20. 30 days mandatory jail - 1-5 years in jail - home incarceration for remainder of sentence - and lose your driver's license for 2 years.

21. What should you do before entering your vehicle?

22. What are involved in the majority of crashes in Louisiana?

23. What should be turned on when driving in the fog?

24. What can happen to your license if you violate a restriction?

25. What does a solid yellow line on your side of the lane mean?

26. Where are the blind spots of your vehicle?

27. What law states that you must not drive at a speed greater than reasonable?

28. When driving at a moderate speed and the traffic light changes to yellow - you should _______.

29. Inconsiderate driving - tailgating - and failure to signal lane changes.

30. What is the only factor in sobering up after alcohol enters the bloodstream?

31. How long does the office of motor vehicles keep a record of your accidents?

32. Weather conditions - weight of your vehicle - your reaction time - and your speed all determine what?

33. What age and under is it not legal to ride in the bed of a truck?

34. What does Louisiana Law state concerning seatbelts?

35. What does a white line marking on the pavement mean?

36. What should you do before passing another vehicle?

37. Where are vehicle/motorcycle accidents most likely to occur?

38. When you see a merge sign - you should adjust your speed and move to what lane?

39. By law - at what age is a child required to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle?

40. What is the mandatory seat for children ages 3-4 called?

41. What could boredom on long trips cause?

42. What should you do when you see an emergency vehicle with flashing lights and sirens coming?

43. When passing - when can you return into the right lane?

44. Your suspension period will be _______ if you are caught driving under suspension.

45. If you have your bright lights on - and you meet another vehicle coming toward you - you should dim your headlights about _______ from the oncoming vehicle.

46. What can happen when driving 35 mph on any layer of water - no matter how thin?

47. States that once you sign to get your license - you have given consent to be tested for drugs or alcohol at any time.

48. What distance should you stay behind an emergency vehicle responding to calls?

49. What is the approximate stopping distance of a car traveling at 55 mph?

50. When you inflict injury on another with any vehicle if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or if the blood alcohol level is .08 or more.