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Mass Communications

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Yellow journalist - St. Louis Post Dispatch - early advocate of journalism schools

2. Peeks in late teens

3. Trying to buy NBC-Universal

4. Died recently - wrote The Catcher in the Rye

5. aguerre and Niepce invented _________ in ____________

6. _________ broadcasted War of the Worlds on Halloween _______.

7. Peeks in mid 60's

8. When one culture forces or pushes their culture on another

9. Paramount - Blockbuster - MTV - billboards - CBS--conglomerate

10. Scientific research

11. Story order emphasis that eventually shapes our world views and values of importance

12. Selection Theory: selective about what you remember

13. Media pays more attention to this type of feedback. Consists of circulation figures - example: Arbitron Diary

14. Real-life setting - better - but more expensive

15. A relaxation of ownership that allows other companies (broadcast) to own the newspaper and support it

16. For radio. Tells how many and what types of people are listening to each program. Takes a list of random phone numbers and calls them to participate in their diary survey. Each participant get a diary and is asked to keep a record of what they listen

17. The opinion stage to observable research

18. These papers are still doing good despite the rapid circulation of newspapers

19. Rating system based winning the first 5 minutes of each segment (two segments per half hour).. Used for entertainment TV and for newscasts. Does sweep periods in Feb - July - May - and Nov. July is least important.

20. Theory stating that media defines the world for us (over-arching theory)

21. Theory that media users seek out messages that agree with their existing views (avoiding discomfort)

22. Second biggest attention topic in news

23. Period where companies will work out kinks and prices go down--the people that buy the technology now is the _________

24. The theory stating that war - being more visual - will get the most attention and headlines in the news

25. Heavy TV viewers apply TV to real life. Give the TV answer rather then the real answer

26. Stories that help citizens to make intelligent decisions and keep up with important issues of the day

27. A concentration of media industries into an ever smaller number of companies

28. Research has already been done for you - you just collect it and put it into your paper

29. Entry-level job - don't know what you will write

30. Around the World in 72 days--stunt journalist

31. Intellectual questioning about culture and its effect--leads to cultural theory

32. Increasing the amount of advertising and mixing commercial and noncommercial media content

33. Publisher - THE Editor - other editors - designers - reporters

34. Write on specific subject on particular schedule

35. A model stating that effects are limited by individual differences and other factors

36. Direct - immediate causes and effects research

37. Very sensationalistic journalism

38. Anything that interferes with or alters the message

39. _____________ invented the telegraph in ____________ ('What hath God wrought')

40. Peeks in mid 20's

41. A model stating that media has a very direct and universal impact (effect)

42. If the media covers terrorist attacks - it leads to more terrorist attacks

43. Movie written - directed and starring Orson Wells about W.R. Hearst--revolutionized movies

44. Collection of data that can be characterized and counted in a way. Type of empirical research

45. People that continue to hold out on technologies

46. Has the fewest TV viewers

47. The percentage of the entire population in that media market

48. Name of the guy Hearst send to Cuba

49. Media makes the world smaller (technology)--called _____________ ____________

50. Margin of error in polls