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Mass Communications

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. __________ - time and space - ________ components - social acceptability - _________ issues - behavior of other gatekeepers - noise - and __________ viewpoints influence the decisions of ___________ (separate by commas)

2. A model stating that media can effect some people - but not others (not everyone)

3. A relaxation of ownership that allows other companies (broadcast) to own the newspaper and support it

4. Average household has a TV set on...

5. The sets in use for that media market. Example: Percentage of all the people currently watching TV.

6. Movie written - directed and starring Orson Wells about W.R. Hearst--revolutionized movies

7. Media makes the world smaller (technology)--called _____________ ____________

8. Period where companies will work out kinks and prices go down--the people that buy the technology now is the _________

9. Original research. Do it yourself

10. Does not establish causality. Covers what the majority thinks. All perception

11. Sole owner of News Corp.

12. ABC - ESPN - Pixar - amusement parks - Muppets - Marvel--conglomerate

13. _________ broadcasted War of the Worlds on Halloween _______.

14. Receiver's response to message

15. Face was scanned to see who was watching what. Discarded - b/c it was too intrusive.

16. This invention - used in war - helped to construct the 'inverted pyramid' structure

17. aguerre and Niepce invented _________ in ____________

18. Investigative journalists that exposed corruption

19. Has the fewest TV viewers

20. Where you get your information from first (radio typically). Two parts are the saturation stage and the two step flow

21. Father of Social Science Research

22. Better type of research. Shows causality. Two types of research are done 1. lab - 2. field

23. Name of the guy Hearst send to Cuba

24. ____________ invented the phonograph in _________

25. Set of values and shared beliefs

26. NBC is believed to have noise for _______ because it is owned by GE

27. This host demonstrated cultural imperialism in campaigning for the Finland President

28. Died recently - wrote The Catcher in the Rye

29. Theory that there are multiple opinion leaders that shaper our viewpoints

30. Margin of error in polls

31. A model stating that effects are limited by individual differences and other factors

32. Yellow journalist - St. Louis Post Dispatch - early advocate of journalism schools

33. Trying to buy NBC-Universal

34. In social cognitive theory - a special form of imitation by which observers do not exactly copy what they have seen but make a more generalized but related response

35. Very sensationalistic journalism

36. Anything that interferes with or alters the message

37. This relaxed government restrictions on media ownership

38. Rating system based winning the first 5 minutes of each segment (two segments per half hour).. Used for entertainment TV and for newscasts. Does sweep periods in Feb - July - May - and Nov. July is least important.

39. One problem with Schramm's model: there is no longer any _______ in the message

40. Stories that help citizens to make intelligent decisions and keep up with important issues of the day

41. Around the World in 72 days--stunt journalist

42. ___________ published Publick Occurences in __________

43. Theory that we primarily use mass media to check what we already believe

44. Typically weekly - free papers emphasizing events listing - local arts advertising - and 'eccentric' personal classified adsattract young people

45. Television's ability to move people toward a common understanding of how things are

46. If the media covers terrorist attacks - it leads to more terrorist attacks

47. A concentration of media industries into an ever smaller number of companies

48. A media effects research study about the impact of movies on children's behavior was called the ________ conducted in ______.

49. Real-life setting - better - but more expensive

50. GE - NBC - Telemundo - Universal--conglomerate (started as RCA)