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Mass Media And Pop Culture

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1. Perceivable part of the sign

2. Wide release - platform release - exclusive release

3. Individually created meanings

4. Delivery of the produced material - marketing

5. Activities - self-worth evaluation - problem-solving tactics

6. National ideology vs. personal experience = tension

7. Images - thoughts - words - or emotions that come to mind with a brand

8. Socialization - inter-generational eavesdropping - role modeling - stereotyping

9. Source - message - receiver - quantitative - individual

10. Interpersonal Communication - Intrapersonal Communication - Group Communication - Mass Communication

11. Simple stories with compelling characters and resonant plots - provide ideals to live by

12. Messages have a long-term effect on the audience

13. Mass messages would overwhelm people in the absence of the influences of family - mass media messages are a stimulus that would lead to a predictable attitudinal or behavioral response with nothing intervening between sender & audience

14. Sign and meaning linked by way of cause or association - ex. smoke means fire

15. System of meanings generated by association of signifiers and signifieds

16. Combination of rituals and social construction of reality (via the Cultural Model)

17. Of who you are - who we are - and who they are

18. People will immediately respond to a message

19. National conversation = national identity - multiple brands in competition

20. Different parts of the brand (ex. name - logo - colors)

21. Iconic brands - embedding into culture - how the brand contributes to society

22. When the audience is an 'object produced to be sold for profit' ex. Gossip Girl (media co. - advertisers - females 18 - screenwriter)

23. Innovation - research and development - and risk

24. Separated based on bias of preference - preferences influenced by social class - education - etc.

25. Consumer deception via fewer defense mechanisms - mere exposure - and less processing

26. Breakdown based on demographics and psychographics

27. Encapsulated myths that fulfill our needs

28. historically shared meanings (rituals) + individually created meanings (social construction of reality) = new shared meaning...qualitative - mass

29. Cognitive: ability to intellectually process information - Emotional: feelings created by media - - Aesthetic: interpreting media in an artistic POV - Moral: examining the values of the medium

30. Directed by processed and stored information - active receiver - change with maturation

31. Limited information sources - personal experience - and context for claims

32. Incorporating the branded product into the dialogue or plot of the production

33. Rejection of high vs. low distinction - populist/popular/public - reaction to mainstream - short shelf life

34. Meaning evoked by the signifier

35. Selecting a specific part to focus on within the demographic or psychographic

36. Buying a product to consume the myth - to form a relationship with the myth's creator

37. Screenplay/screenwriter - location/production costs - hiring movie stars - hiring movie crew - securing Completion Bond company

38. Choosing a release date - determining/adjusting the number of prints to make - developing/implementing a strategic communication campaign (advertising and public relations)

39. Meaning derived from a social agreement

40. Owners - Advertisers - Government - Special Interest Groups - News Sources - Audiences - Newsroom culture - Technology

41. Organization/structure of signs - inbuilt system of cultural meanings built into a sign

42. Regal - AMC - Cinemark - Carmike - Cineplex Entertainment

43. Media are essential components of our lives - No mainstream media (MSM) - Everything from the margin moves to the center - Nothing's new; everything that happened in the past will happen again - New media are always scary - Activism and analysis are

44. Resemblance between sign and something else - variance in shared meaning

45. Historically shared meanings

46. The use of news to promote corporate holdings is wrong.

47. Discipline that studies the nature of a system of meaning

48. Created by the consumers from: name - logo - tagline - colors - music - etc.

49. 1. widely favored or well-liked by many 2. originates from the people 3. is mass produced 4. left-over from high culture

50. Preexisting beliefs of individuals influence perception of messages