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1. The market rent times the number of units availabe to rent is _

2. Enacted in 1893

3. Equity within the county is the responsibility of the _

4. _ do not include property taxes - depreciation - debt retirement - or interest earned on the funds invested in the property

5. To calculate a gross rent multiplier - _

6. The first meeting of the BOR is held on the _

7. A report of Real and Personal Property totals prepared by the county equalization department; submitted to STC by the third Monday in April

8. Management costs in timber-cutover include _ which are usually the largest expense in this classification

9. Taxable unless specifically exempted

10. The government retains the following powers

11. The three categories of depreciation are _

12. In a cost approach program - the computer system should estimate _ less _

13. The Commercial Forest Act permits an owner to put property into a program that permits payment of a _ in lieu of the ad valorem rates

14. Initial survey point for Michigan at the intersection of two streets

15. Value is determined by _

16. There are _ in a section

17. The definition of market value is _

18. It (is not necessary to use __________ when valuing agricultural property.

19. The middle of a ratio study where the ratios are ranked from lowest to highest or highest to lowest

20. Michigan's Constitution provides for _ of taxation

21. Churches - schools - libraries and similar institutions are usually...

22. The formula for calculating value is _

23. Approved by voters in 1978

24. May change assessment for current year

25. Deadline for filing Principal Residence Affidavits

26. _ are used to value income-producing residential property

27. The formula for calculating rate is _

28. _ soil is considered the most productive

29. The _ must approve the application for an IFT before the State Tax Commission approves the application

30. _ is the rent actually received for a property

31. If a business fails to file a personal property statement - the assessor shall _

32. Methods used to describe property in Michigan

33. If the subject property has a fireplace and air-conditioning and the comp has only air-conditioning - what adjustment would be made to what property?

34. _ measures value in exchange; it is based on the principle of substitution

35. Definition of ad valorem

36. A private claim describes property that was occupied prior to the _

37. _ is used to adjust the cosst approach to market value for residential properties

38. Analysis for Equalized Valuation prepared by the county equalization department; submitted to the STC by the third Monday in April

39. In a township - the _ is the secretary of the Board of Review

40. Equity within the 83 counties of the state is the responsibility of the _

41. The cost approach is used to estimate _ of an _

42. Notice of special assessment public hearings must be given to _

43. The CAMA system should be able to select comparable sales - make adjustments to the comps - and come up with an estimate of market value for the subject in the _ approach

44. - The Building Residual - and the Direct Capitalization Capitalization techniques include the following:

45. _ is estimating the cost of a building of similar design and utility

46. Personal property forms must be approved by the _

47. Ordinance established the laws that cover Michigan - Ohio - Indiana - Illinois - and Wisconsin

48. Michigan's Constitution uses _ to determine assessments

49. Most taxpayers must appeal to the local _ before appealing to the _

50. Usually valuing farmland is done by the _ for the land values and the _ for the buildings.