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1. Approved by voters in 1978

2. Initial survey point for Michigan at the intersection of two streets

3. Computer assisted mass appraisal

4. Leased property is...

5. In a residential neighborhood - the measurement usually used in developing cost is _

6. Movable irrigation systems including pumps not an integral part of a well are _ and are _

7. The rights of ownership (bundle of rights) enjoyed by the owner of real estate

8. Unknown dimension formula

9. Assessor Affidavit Regarding 'Uncapping' of Taxable Value; used when it is discovered that a property value should have been uncapped but wasn't

10. In heavily wooded areas where property lines may be difficult to identify - it is important that the owners protect their property from being claimed under _

11. Ordinance established the laws that cover Michigan - Ohio - Indiana - Illinois - and Wisconsin

12. The most common types of ownership are _

13. July Board of Review begins

14. The physical land and any structure attached to it

15. Length times the width

16. Equity within the 83 counties of the state is the responsibility of the _

17. In a cost approach program - the computer system should estimate _ less _

18. _ is estimating the cost of an exact duplication of the building

19. Economic condition factors (are/are not) applied to land and buildings

20. A platted subdivision is described by _

21. The difference between commercial and industrial property is _

22. The _ determines the size for rates

23. Personal property statemetns are due on _

24. If the interest rate is 5% - the effective tax rate is 2% - the recapture rate is 2.5% - and the income attributed to the building is $40 -000. The value of the building is _

25. _ was designed to provide for the exemption from certain taxes; to levy and collect a specific tax from the owners of properties so exempted; and to provide for the transfer of the exemption certificates; also prescribes the power and dute of the STC

26. Applications for IFT districts must be received by the State Tax Commission by _ to be acted on for the following year

27. Enacted in 1893

28. Pole barns - silos - and large grain bins are considered _

29. Monday December Board of Review begins

30. One use of land value maps is to _

31. Used to estimate the cost of constructing improvements to the land

32. Who may ask for establishment of an industrial facility tax exemption district?

33. The Private Forest Reserve Act specifies that the property in the reserve be assessed on the ad valorem at _

34. The _ must approve the application for an IFT before the State Tax Commission approves the application

35. The value property has in a specific use

36. - restrictions (zoneing - etc.) - and improvements on the site When valuing property - the assessor should consider _

37. _ are those expenses necessary for generating income. This includes reserves for replacements - accounting fees - advertising costs - maintenance costs such as lawn care - snow removal - repairs - trash removal - utilities - and a maintenance manager

38. The Tuesday following the third Monday in _ is the _ meeting.

39. The Board of Review was created by the _ of 1893

40. You verify a sale _

41. Taxable personal property includes all property not expressly _

42. The government is authorized to levy taxes in the _

43. Personal property may be _

44. If a business fails to file a personal property statement - the assessor shall _

45. Personal property forms must be approved by the _

46. Potential income minus vacancy - bad debt - and operating expenses is the _

47. Michigan's Constitution uses _ to determine assessments

48. The value of vacant land is estimated using _

49. Public rights-of-way are _

50. Article 9 of the Michigan Constitution provides for uniform property taxation which may not exceed _ of true cash value which is defined as being the _