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1. _ do not include property taxes - depreciation - debt retirement - or interest earned on the funds invested in the property

2. The rights of ownership (bundle of rights) enjoyed by the owner of real estate

3. All meetings of the BOR are governed by the _

4. Michigan's Constitution uses _ to determine assessments

5. Property Transfer Affidavit; must be filed by purchaser within 45 days of transfer

6. One use of land value maps is to _

7. Movable irrigation systems including pumps not an integral part of a well are _ and are _

8. Personal property forms must be approved by the _

9. Deadline for filing Principal Residence Affidavits

10. The most common types of ownership are _

11. The _ must approve the application for an IFT before the State Tax Commission approves the application

12. _ includes the discount rate - recapture rate - and the effective rate.

13. You verify a sale _

14. The difference between commercial and industrial property is _

15. IFT's affect only the building value...

16. The Commercial Forest Act permits an owner to put property into a program that permits payment of a _ in lieu of the ad valorem rates

17. The cost approach is used to estimate _ of an _

18. The value of vacant land is estimated using _

19. The Tuesday following the third Monday in _ is the _ meeting.

20. _ soil is considered the most productive

21. Potential income minus vacancy - bad debt - and operating expenses is the _

22. The Assessor or Equalization Director's Notice of Property Incorrectly Reported or Omitted from Assessment Roll; filed with STC when omitted property is discovered

23. The definition of the economic principle of highest and best use is _

24. Members of the Board of Review must be _ of the township

25. A depth factor chart is used to adjust lots that are _

26. _ was designed to provide for the exemption from certain taxes; to levy and collect a specific tax from the owners of properties so exempted; and to provide for the transfer of the exemption certificates; also prescribes the power and dute of the STC

27. Taxable personal property includes all property not expressly _

28. When measuring a house - you use _ measurements

29. A report of Real and Personal Property Taxable Valuations prepared by county equalization; submitted to STC by fourth Monday in April

30. The amount of money or goods you can receive if you sell property

31. Most taxpayers must appeal to the local _ before appealing to the _

32. A limits the maximum amount of ad valorem taxes that may be levied for school district operating purposes. The change this maximum requires a vote of _ of the legislature to approve.

33. July Board of Review begins

34. Vacant land adjustments have to be made for differences in _

35. Special assessments are not levied on all real and personal property that...

36. The formula for calculating tax bills is _

37. The three principal steps in the cost approach are _

38. Used to estimate the cost of constructing improvements to the land

39. Special assessments must _ the properties in the district

40. Formula used to calculate taxes is _

41. is the rent a property could command on the open market

42. Leased property is...

43. Notice of special assessment public hearings must be given to _

44. Market value of property is _

45. _ is the rent actually received for a property

46. The definition of market value is _

47. Depreciation in the assessing process is expressed as a _

48. The highest degree of ownership

49. _ is estimating the cost of a building of similar design and utility

50. Personal property may be _