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1. Can be used to create a user account

2. DHCP servers use this to determine if a DHCP client has an IP reservation.

3. ImageX is the command-line tool for ...

4. Commonly used on servers where a dynamic IP address would affect network resources.

5. Server 2008 editions - Data center allows ____ VM guests to be hosted.

6. Which of the following commands is used to start the process of creating a domain controller on a Windows Server 2008 computer with AD DS already instead?

7. ___is the new scripting and command-line interface for Windows Server 2008

8. Which of the following commands will clear the DNS server cache?

9. A bridge examines the source address of ____ (aka units of data transferred between sender & receiver on a network) traveling across its ports. The information from these are used by bridges to associate bridge ports and MAC addresses then stored for

10. Protocols that work at the network layer of the OSI model

11. You need the ___ to configure windows server 2008 as a relay agent

12. Used for transferring images across the network. It is the key component of the Preboot eXecution Environment - the backbone of WDS. It's traffic is connectionless in nature - meaning the sequence of data packets or data grams is not guaranteed.

13. To enable Teredo for workgroup clients

14. To add WINS to Windows Server 2008 - In Server Manager - click Add Features to add WINS - WINS resolves this...

15. This Active Directory service container cannot be linked to a Group Policy Object

16. Utility that determines whether a target host is on and responding to communication - Works by sending an ICMP echo request packet to the target - By default - sends a 32-byte packet four times before exiting.

17. You can install DHCP using ______ on a full version of windows server 2008

18. Netsh is __________ you can use to configure DHCP options.

19. What are some of the the issues with APIPA addresses?

20. DNS Zones categorized under...

21. Default location for DHCP installation is _____

22. DHCP is based on _____ storage engine

23. What does entering the ipconfig /release command do?

24. Provides a key to activate individual computers or a group of computers within your environment

25. The process of creating multiple smaller networks - or subnets - from an IP network address.

26. Read-only version of the DNS records for a zone.

27. Command line utilities that can be used to map the network route between two hosts.

28. Which tools in Windows Server 2008 can be used to enable global name zones?

29. From network adapter settings to roles and domain membership You can...

30. Server 2008 editions - Enterprise allows ____ VM guests to be hosted.

31. You have a Windows Server 2008 server named MSN-SRV001 that has been configured for company XYZ.com. Before imaging the machine for deployment - you need to generalize the image so that Windows Welcome runs on the next reboot of the server. Which ste

32. IPv6 counterpart of the IP4 local address but is not routable in the global IPv6 Internet fd00::.

33. For disaster recovery - manual DHCP backups should be stored ___

34. You are an administrator for a small company running a Windows Web Server 2008 as a Full installation on your network. Your boss has asked you to add the following items to the Web server: Simple company Web page - Financial application based on ASP

35. Which utility do you use to generalize computers before imaging by removing specific information such as user settings and the security identifier?

36. The subnet mask that helps determine what portion of an IP address belongs to the network and what portion belongs to the...

37. KMS works by counting the number of physical client computers requesting activation and then storing information on these computers in a table based on client machine identification (CMID) numbers - which are unique client IDs stored in the KMS datab

38. WANs commonly run through an ____ which allocates WAN connections for private networks.

39. ____________ is used instead of Base-10 numbering in IP addressing.

40. The Remote Server Administration Tools can be used to manage both _______________ of Windows Server 2008.

41. To view the Teredo status after enabling Teredo

42. Technologies are new to Windows Server 2008.

43. Because Server Core lacks a GUI - you must configure it from the command prompt using such tools as ____ - WIMIC - Net.exe or from remote systems using rmtshare.exe And WinRM

44. The only requirements for reservations is that it must be on every DHCP server and Redundancy should be in the _____ .

45. Enabling Teredo with netsh commands: To determine the current state of Teredo

46. Industry standard of DNS servers on the Internet and networks running DNS on UNIX/Linux systems.

47. __uses ICMP requests to determine whether a target host is available

48. When using the Windows Deployment services role to remotely deploy OSs via the network - what other services must be present?

49. The range of IP addresses and related configuration information available by request from a DHCP client.

50. You have been asked to review the licensing for a future Windows Server 2008 deployment at Ditka's Coffee Traders (DCT). Based on the following information - recommend the options that require the fewest CALs to be purchased by the client. Select two