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1. When DHCP performs a ___ it also saves DHCP leases - options - scopes - and reservations

2. Which tools in Windows Server 2008 can be used to enable global name zones?

3. What layer of the OSI model does DHCP use and why?

4. Routers forward packets between subnets or networks with differing IP address schemes by ____________ and using routing tables for determining the best destination route for the packets.

5. Allows you to combine two or more subnetworks into a larger supernetwork.

6. __uses ICMP requests to determine whether a target host is available

7. To use Windows System Image Manager and ImageX - you need to install the __________.

8. MAC adresses are designed to be _______ and allow clients to communicate on certain networks.

9. What tool is used to view messages - warnings - or errors specific to the DNS Server role in Windows Server 2008?

10. Which type of message is sent from a DHCP client to a DHCP server?

11. Which of the following commands is used to start the process of creating a domain controller on a Windows Server 2008 computer with AD DS already instead?

12. Which component would you install on a Windows Server 2008 server to manage the deployment of OS images over the network?

13. Used to set a static IP address in your IP configuration that will be used if DHCP is not available.

14. In IPv6 - Automates the allocation of IP addresses through a server-based role.

15. You ________ have a valid Windows Server 2008 product key to install Windows Server 2008 Datacenter.

16. ______________ can be done through the GUI using Server Manager

17. To recieve IP address and configuration informationfrom an IPv6 router is referred to as_____

18. ______ lists detailed information of events occurring on a specific day include: Date and Time - Event Description - IP address - Host name - Mac address

19. This Active Directory service container cannot be linked to a Group Policy Object

20. You cannot use the __________for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008.

21. A limited 32-bit operating system based on the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1

22. DHCP Audit Logs for IPv6 have the naming convention of ____

23. Teredo ___________ is used on IPv4 networks currently using NAT.

24. Which of the following commands will clear the DNS server cache?

25. A Hub works at what layer of the OSI model?

26. The connection of two or more networks with layer three devices is referred to as an internet-works. The three distinct types of inter-networks : extranet - ____ - and Internet.

27. _____________ domain is the dot that's next to the top level domain (examples: .com - .gov and .org and so on)

28. DNS uses records to provide the information it stores in its database.

29. It refers to how networks occupy geographic space such as ranging from a small home office to a network that covers multiple locations and continents.

30. The subnet mask that helps determine what portion of an IP address belongs to the network and what portion belongs to the...

31. Active Directory Services domain controllers use which replication model.

32. What is the minimum amount of scopes that DCHP requires inorder to issue IP addresses?

33. DHCP Audit Logs for IPv4 have the naming convention of ____

34. Which of the following commands will flush the DNS client cache?

35. Issued IP addresses that are available from the Internet.

36. How do you determine the running services on a system?

37. Its Primary function is to translate human-readable host names - assists the flow of e-mail - Provides mail exchanger records that tell a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server where to send an e-mail message.

38. Server 2008 editions - Data center allows ____ VM guests to be hosted.

39. Windows Server 2008 uses the ____ to perform DNS queries on behalf of the client.

40. You have been asked to review the licensing for a future Windows Server 2008 deployment at Ditka's Coffee Traders (DCT). Based on the following information - recommend the options that require the fewest CALs to be purchased by the client. Select two

41. _____ is used to change the server name - modify domain membership - and turn on a remote desktop

42. TCP/IP stack in Windows Server 2008 uses dual-layer architecture.

43. What is the syntax used to stop the DHCP Server service?

44. What is the default lease length used by a scope in Windows Server 2008?

45. Your manager has asked you to research options for deploying three Web-based applications to your network to MSN-WEB-001. Also - the applications need to use directory-based authentication without adding a domain controller to your network. Which ste

46. Using the ___ image format you can modify images by adding or removing files. This connects an NTFS folder to the selected image. After mounting - you can use windows explorer or the command prompt to work with the files.

47. This network protocol is not supported in Windows Server 2008

48. Network services required for Dynamic Updates to function properly in a Windows 2008 environment.

49. You need to edit the LMHOSTS file on server FS1.widgets.local. In what directory is the LMHOSTS file located?

50. The Server Core version of the Windows Server 2008 Enterprise edition cannot be upgraded to the Full version without...