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Media Literacy

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. In order to become media literate in interactive media & what do we need to establish?

2. Describe product claims?

3. What does the personal locus do?

4. What are the three personal factors of fluctuation?

5. What must happen during television before commercial break?

6. You are asked to serve on a jury for a civil trial. because you have been watching CSI for years & you are thrilled to get to be a part of the trial. during the trial & there is no DNA evidence & like you expected there to be that convinces you of th

7. Although African Americans are represented on television & portrayals rarely include....

8. What was significant about the Communications Act 1934?

9. What are some examples of where advertisements can be found?

10. What does the term telescoping refer to?

11. What is WOW?

12. What is a wiki?

13. It is clear that the media is completely controlled by what?

14. What is our personal locus made up of?

15. The pattern of the population of television characters is ______ the pattern of people in the real world

16. when does immediate effects occur?

17. What is tragedy used for?

18. What does a cognitive-effect means?

19. When a digital game has been designed well & it delivers an experience to players through what?

20. After regularly consuming media & if you believe that the world is a mean place & you are experiencing what type of effect?

21. What are the 3 media factors in fluctuation?

22. Media ownership has big impact on...

23. Describe baseline effects.

24. what types of audiences have marketers of digital games identified as?

25. What ethnicity is overrepresented on tv?

26. What is baseline effects?

27. In what way (s) does advertising make us too materialistic?

28. What are the two types of thinking?

29. What is the ability to be creative?

30. When a media company buys a combination of other media or non media businesses & This is what type of concentration?

31. In order to appeal to audiences & most stories begin with what?

32. ________________ are used in entertainment content because it is a way for audience members to access information quickly when introduced to a character

33. what three forces shape the development of interactive media?

34. Media ___________ in the same way other institutions do & such as parents & friends & education & or religion.

35. Many media effects are...

36. Issues of concern regarding merger activity includes what?

37. What age is more represented on tv?

38. Media ownership has big impact on...

39. What do megamergers result in?

40. What do media exposure habits focus its attention on?

41. What are characteristics that have shaped the development of interactive media?

42. In the formula & What are the 2 constraints?

43. What does attitudinal effects create and shape?

44. What is a baseline effect?

45. Concentration & consolidation & and centralization challenges and potentially retrains the ethnic of...

46. What are the 3 developmental maturities?

47. The media can have long and short term effects on what?

48. Over time & the government has been _______________ with regard to who controls the media

49. What are the three personal factors of fluctuation?

50. What government organization monitors tv and radio programming to determine if it is obscene or not?