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Media Writing And Editing Styleguide

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Introduces two items - is the correct word when expressing the relationships of three or more items considered one pair at a time - all pronouns must be in the objective case - between him and her - between you and me

2. To argue to the contrary

3. Means to cause or as a noun means a result

4. Means to flow in a continuous stream

5. Used in proper names and as someone in a parade

6. Two words in virtually all uses - one word only when used as an adjective before a noun in a nautical sense: an underway flotilla

7. Verb to stop the flow of something

8. Plural form of a standard

9. Use instead "survived by his wife" or "leaves his wife" not ______ of the late

10. The of is unnecessary

11. A verb meaning to blaze with sudden - bright light or to burst out in anger

12. Contain to include all or embrace. Used only actively.

13. The proper name for some trains and buses

14. For non essential clauses - where the pronoun is less necessary and use commas. use when referring to inanimate objects and to animals without a name

15. The term denoting that an individual was born in a given location

16. Use instead "survived by her husband" or "leaves her husband" not ______ of the late

17. Correct spelling for one who deceives by using a false identity

18. A person who has acquired the full civil rights of a nation either by birth or naturalization. Cities and states in the U.S. do not confer citizenship.

19. Not afterwards

20. To swing the arms widely

21. Twice a year (same as biannual)

22. Applied to a person residing away from the nation of which he or she is a citizen - or to a person under the protection of a specified nation.

23. Means in a hopeful manner. Do not use to mean it is hoped - let us hope or we hope - right: It is hoped we will complete our work in June. wrong: Hopefully - we will complete our work in June.

24. Also Independence Day. The federal legal holiday is observed on Friday if July 4 falls on a Saturday - on Monday if it falls on a Sunday.

25. Never alright. Hyphenate only if used colloquially as a compound modifier: He is an all-right guy.

26. The pronoun used for references to human beings and to animals with a name

27. Transportation vehicle

28. Use all-caps ZIP for zoning improvement plan - but always lowercase the word code - run the 5 digits together without a comma and do not put a comma between state name and ZIP

29. A specific body of advisers heading executive departments for a president - king - governor - etc

30. Extension of time or degree

31. Literally - to strip off the skin by whipping - figuratively to tongue-lash a person

32. NOW is acceptable on second reference- HQ is in Washington

33. Capitalize for architectural style or corporate or governmental bodies that use the word as part of their name. Lowercase when used as an adjective.

34. An aspect or stage

35. A listener or reader ____s something from the words

36. Create or put together. It is commonly used actively and passively.

37. Do not use before a date or day of the week (redundant) except at the beginning of a sentence.

38. Capitalize if preceded by state name or when used in proper title. lowercase in other uses.

39. Only for ensembles of actors - dancers - singers - etc.

40. Means more than the highest number (subtract lower number from highest number to get this)

41. Capitalize their proper names - do not use quotes

42. Always preferred over persons - persons only used when it's in a direct quote - also a collective noun when referring to a single race or nation so peoples should only be used when speaking of multiple groups

43. Never okay - all tenses of a word meaning all right

44. The correct word to introduce clauses - .e.g Jayne blocks the linebacker __ he should

45. Is the possessive of who

46. Correct spelling for a word that means a channel for communication between groups

47. Avoid the use of last as a synonym for latest if it might imply finality - this word is unnecessary to imply the most recent if there is a month or day used.

48. Multiple transportation vehicles

49. Means to guarantee

50. Do not use these titles just refer to person by first and last name.