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1. You don't want users to be able to install removable devices on client computers. However - domain admins and desktop support technicians must be allowed to install removable devices on client computers

2. What Function Level (FL) needs to be in place to enable AD Recycle Bin?

3. The company requires that only users that have a certificate can recover BitLocker keys. To support this requirement you will need to

4. to make shares at a remote location available to users you should implement this.

5. WSSvr1 has Windows SharePoint Services role installed and contains 20 SharePoint sites. You need to optimize performance and ensure that if CPU utilization exceeds 75% - then an equal amount of system resources are allocated to each SharePoint site.

6. Capture all replication errors from all your DCs to a central location...

7. You need to plan the deployment of an application that must meet these requirements: users must have - access to the app when they are connected to the network; access the application from an icon on their desktops.

8. From Win7 PC - to view all account logon successes that occur on domain and consolidate to one list...

9. You need a solution that allows a global group to perform the following: stop and start services; change registry settings; change network settings

10. DFL is Windows Server 2003 and client computers run Vista. DCRMS is a server that holds AD RMS. What should be done to configure AD RMS so users - including Waldo - can protect their data?

11. 4 steps to perform authoritative restore of a deleted OU...

12. to protect file servers and hard disks that may be at risk of being accessed or stolen

13. If the companies support staff is currently using Remote Desktop to connect to the servers in the data center to perform all management tasks - it would be wise to have them instead

14. You need to design patch management for satellite offices that meet the following requirements: WSUS updates are approved independently for each satellite office; Internet traffic is minimized. To accomplish

15. All computers are running either Windows SP2 or Windows 7. You want to audit users that are accessing the administrative shares on all the computers...

16. Your forest containts only Windows Server 2008 domain controllers. What should be done to prepare the AD domain to install Windows Server 2008 R2 DCs?

17. If you need to delegate control of server to remote admins group

18. To make a 64-bit application available to several 32-bit XP SP3 computers in the branch office you could use either a remote desktop session host or a remote desktop virtualization host. However - if the application requires you to be a local adminis

19. Two different solutions are available to help assign IP addresses to remote clients that need to VPN or Dial-in to the branch office.

20. Your company IP scheme uses both IPv4 and IPv6. You have a main and branch office. In the branch office you are using PC1. PC1 is now only using IPv6. You noticed that PC1 no longer authenticates off the DC that is in the branch office. What should b

21. In order for admins at a branch office to be able to change their passwords and logon if a single DC fails even if the WAN Link to the corporate office fails you shoud

22. You need to implement read only copies of files at several locations. You currently have DFS for 2008 deployed. You should recommend this.

23. If users complain that it is hard to find the shared folders on the network implement

24. If you need to ensure that data is protected by BitLocker then you will...

25. The two role services must be deployed to prevent machines from connecting to the network if their security center settings (Firewall - Windows Updates - Defender) are NOT up to date are

26. AD structure includes a forest with one root domain and one child domain. Child domain lists entries that start with "S-1-5-21" but no account name listed. What should be done so account names are listed?

27. What should be used to montior the replication of group policy template files when your DFL is set at Windows Server 2008 R2?

28. Files servers need to stay connected to the SAN if a NIC fails. You should recommend

29. You need to consolidate 120 physical servers into 35 physical servers that run Windows Server 2008 R2 while meeting the following: maximize resource utilization; use existing hardware and software; support 64-bit child virtual machines; maintain sepa

30. You need to generate a report on the status of software updates for your Windows 7 client computers with the following requirements: display all of the operating system updates and Microsoft application updates that installed successfully and failed;

31. Tool to change Directory Services Restore Mode password on Domain Controller...

32. RDSRv1 is a Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Session Host. RDSrv1 has 8 custome apps installed. Each is configured as a RDP RemoteApp. You notice that when a user runs one of the apps - other users report that the server seems slow and that some apps be

33. If you need secure method to verify validity of individual certificates and minimize network bandwidth

34. What should be modified so you can use the nslookup utility to list all SRV records for your domain?

35. To ensure that user's documents are stored on the file server and thus subject to the corporate backup solution - you should implement this.

36. DFL is...

37. You need a solution that replaces servers that host 2 applications. This solution must use Windows Server 2008 R2 and minimize cost.

38. To enable the AD Recycle Bin

39. Within your company you have a server that will be running 8 VMs but only 6 concurrently. Your company has already purchased an Enterprise license for the server.

40. In Active Directory Sites and Services - what should be configured to ensure domain controllers only replicate between domain controllers in adjacent sites?

41. Need to access some resources in another domain that is part of another forest...What trust is created?

42. What utility is used to see what accounts cached on RODC?

43. You have two identical print devices. You must plan a print services infrastructure where: the print services must be available - even if one print device fails and have the ability to manage the print queue from a central location

44. If you want to allow the administrator in each office to manage DHCP scope for their own office - and prevent the administror of one office from managing DHCP scopes on the DHCP server in another office with mimimal admin effort

45. UPN Suffix xxxx.com needs to be available for user accounts...

46. To decrease the amount of time it takes for the certain users to generate reports. You should recommend

47. What should be done to identify which LDAP computers are using the largest amount of available CPU resources on a DC?

48. The Computer Management snap-in allows you to create shares both on...

49. You need to recommend a solution to minimize the amount of time it takes for the sales department users to locate files in teh course bookings share.

50. When deploying group polices we want to configure them so that they are applied as quickly as possible. One way this can be done is if the policy only consists of computer settings. If this is the case we can do this.