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MT Drivers Ed

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. What does it mean to keep pace with traffic?

2. A driver in a funeral procession may not drive faster than ____ MPH

3. Although sunglasses are a big help during the day - they

4. What should you do if your vehicle starts to skid?

5. What is the number one killer on Montana's roads?

6. Alcohol may still accumulate in your body even if you are drinking at a rate of

7. What is the earliest a montana drivers license can be renewed prior to the license expiration date?

8. When meeting a school bus from any direction you should

9. how much room do you need to pass safely?

10. ____ can lessen your concentration on hte driving task and ____ can have a great affect on your diving safely.

11. What is hydroplaning?

12. If your gas pedal sticks you should

13. If you move you must report your change of address to the Field operations bureau within

14. Turn signals must be visible for

15. on the back of a vehicle - a sign with this shape means

16. 50% of all traffic fatalities are

17. What is a probationaary license?

18. Driver license numer is a _____ ______ number

19. headlights on upper beam (bright) shall reveal persons and vehicles for ____ ft

20. A leaking exhaust system can

21. You should not stop at an accident unless

22. A minor can be ticketed if they have a blood alcohol level of

23. You should decide each time you drive if you are

24. What usually causes skids?

25. Parents - when signing for their child under 18 years of age are indicating

26. On two lane roads it is permissible to drive a motor vehicle to the left of the center line when

27. on cold - wet days - _____ spots may be icy

28. If you become stranded in a snow storm you should

29. Headlights are required at any time you cannot see persons or vehicles for 500 feet and

30. when you are fatigued you should

31. In order to park in a handicapped spot you

32. The law requires safety belt use

33. If your vehicle's right wheels leave the pavement - you should

34. When pulling away from a curb you should

35. never cross the center line unless

36. If you have to wait to merge - you should

37. In your brain - alcohol affects those areas of your brain that control

38. Whenever a load extends ____ feet or more beyond the body of the vehicle - there shall be a red light visible for 500 feet at night - or a read flag during the day

39. When you merge with traffic - you should

40. New residents must apply within ____ consecutive days

41. anytime persons or vehicles are not visible for _____ feet due to insufficient light conditions you shall turn on your headlights

42. If you have car troubles

43. When you are going to change directions you should warn other drivers by...

44. When encountering a funeral procession - a person must

45. Any drivers get into serious trouble while driving a vehicle because...

46. You should dim your lights within ___ feet when following a vehicle

47. at dusk or on overcast days you should

48. At what blood alcohol content does the law state you are under the influence of alcohol?

49. when you hear a siren you should

50. Your driving record is used