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Musical Theatre

Subjects : performing-arts, music
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1. What were the two most popular shows written by the team of rodgers and hart in the 1920s

2. What is the modern definition of Deus ex machina

3. The '___________' period refers to royalty being 'restored' to the throne of england

4. In 1935 George Gershwin switched gears and wrote _______________ - which is considered a _________________________.

5. Who wrote Oh - Kay?

6. nellie forbush and Emile de Becque are form What show

7. in which plays would you find the stories of ordinary people

8. Which plays were burlesque treatments of mythology

9. Which musical deals with racially mixed marriages against the backdrop of WWII

10. Oh Kay was written as a star vehicle for __________

11. What is Bali H'ai from

12. What show is - 'the heather on the hill - come to me - bend to me - waitin for my dearie - ill go home with bonnie jean - its almost like being in love - there - but for you go i'

13. Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews are from What show

14. for the most part we know specific songs form 1930s musicals that made it into the popular repertoire but we no longer associate them with ___________.

15. What were the two main reasons that the american musicals of the 1920s became so popular

16. Moon-face mooney tries to escape the long arm of the FBI in Anythign Goes. he is also known as what

17. What show are -i wish i were in love again - where or when - my funny valentine - johnny one note - the lady is a tramp

18. Who is the choreographer for oklahoma

19. Pal joey introduced the ________ into the types of musical theatre characters

20. Who is the star of Sally

21. On your Toes mixes two things together. What are they?

22. What character are in anything goes

23. The lyricist and the composer are not always the...

24. what did florence ziegfeld have to do with the original production

25. G: Male actors played...

26. Who wrote the music for porgy and bess

27. G: how did they play female roles

28. Who is the composer/lyricist team for South Pacific

29. what did florence ziegfeld have to do with the original production

30. What show is -Blow - gabriel blow - anything goes - youre the top - i get a kick out of you - be like the bluebirt

31. Ertha Kitta and Melba Morre in this Black variation of KIsmet

32. What was the biggest contribution of the Romans to theatre

33. What production featured an actress in the role of Alan-a-Dale singing 'oh - Promise me?'

34. G: Actors were typecast by their _____?

35. Rudolf Friml's Rose marie was successful because of its ___________ __________.

36. which form of musical theatre in this period had music written specifically for the productions

37. Which musical is based on George Bernard Shaw's play Pigmalion

38. What actress/dancer got better reviews in Can-Can than it's French star LIlo?

39. Which Bernstein musical is an adaptation of Voltaire's classic satire of the same name

40. G: What does BCE mean?

41. What was Oh Kays most famous song

42. Who is the composer of Guys and Dolls

43. What was the subject of Of Thee I Sing

44. In the show - but will cover multiple roles

45. Choreogrphaer and director for West Side Story

46. 'Professor' Harold Hill and Marian the Librarian are from What show

47. __________ presents men worse than they are...

48. where did performers go

49. Who is the composer/lyricist teams for Wonderful Town

50. What play featured henry dixey as 'a pedestal dancer' and was about a statue come to life?