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Musical Theatre

Subjects : performing-arts, music
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1. Who is the composer/lyricist teams for The Pajama Game

2. What was the first international american hit (1874)?

3. What was the subject of Of Thee I Sing

4. Choreogrphaer and director for West Side Story

5. What show is 'doIn what comes natur'lly - you can't get a man with a gun - there's no business like show business - anything you can do'

6. Who was the star actor in pal joey and singin in the rain

7. Whatever Lola wants - heart are from What show

8. What was the name of the show boat in show boat

9. What two rodgers and hart shows from the 1930s are done the most today

10. Rudolf Friml's Rose marie was successful because of its ___________ __________.

11. Which sigmund romberg romantic musical is considered the best of the genre

12. What are the three types of greek plays

13. Who is frequently responsible for the 'vision' or 'concept' of a production?

14. What show is the song bewitched from

15. Which musical deals with racially mixed marriages against the backdrop of WWII

16. Alan-a-Dale is a ___________role because it features a woman dressed as a man

17. What actress/dancer got better reviews in Can-Can than it's French star LIlo?

18. What is the modern definition of Deus ex machina

19. what technical advancement allowedd the plays to be performed indoors and at night

20. E: in 1642 what happeed that caused the theatres to clse

21. Who is the author of Tales of the South Pacific a source material for South Pacific

22. Where they fly things on stage

23. Who wrote the script and lyrics for show boat?

24. Nathan Detroit - Sky Masterson and Adelaide are from What show

25. What happened to George Gershwin two years after Porgy and Bess opened?

26. in 1983 a huge production of porgy and bess played what 6000 seat theatre in NYC?

27. The lyricist and the composer are not always the...

28. Moon-face mooney tries to escape the long arm of the FBI in Anythign Goes. he is also known as what

29. What show is the song bewitched from

30. What was the first international sucess of gilbert and sullivan

31. the dialogue of the play is referred to as what?

32. G: How many women were in a Greek Chorus?

33. G: The chorus usually had _____ members

34. Thespis ________ greek mythology

35. Gilbert and sullivan were known for ____________ and briliant burlesque humor

36. What is 'someone to watch over me' from?

37. What were the two most popular shows written by the team of rodgers and hart in the 1920s

38. What were harrigan and hart most famous for...

39. Who writes the words to the songs?

40. Who is the star of sweet charity

41. Imported pieces frequently adapted the comedy for local taste by _______ the level of the comedy

42. Which musical is set in Bangkok and is based on the diaries of Englishwoman Anna Leonowens

43. who developed the roman rules for drama in 'ars Poetica' - 'the art of Poetry'

44. Who is the author of Tales of the South Pacific a source material for South Pacific

45. What show was the music by goerges bizet with lyrics by oscar hammerstein II

46. What was the setting for Kismet

47. in which plays would you find the stories of ordinary people

48. Who composed the music for Irene

49. G: so does western theatre officially begin in the 6th century BC or AD?

50. What was the original name of West Side Story