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Musical Theatre

Subjects : performing-arts, music
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1. G: the acting style of greek tragedy was very naturalistic

2. which form included fairytales - fantastical spectacles - and burlesques?

3. Who is the composer/lyricist teams for Damn Yankees

4. What is a person who invests money in a production called?

5. Who designs the clothing worn by the actors in a production?

6. nellie forbush and Emile de Becque are form What show

7. Who is the composer/lyricist team for Show Boat

8. ________ wrote new lyrics for this English popular entertainment

9. The ballad of mack the knife and pirate jenny is from What show

10. Although it was their 3rd show together Which musical secured the fame of the musical-writing team of lerner and loewe

11. what did florence ziegfeld have to do with the original production

12. Who is the choreographer for oklahoma

13. What was the most famous English-language popular entertainment...

14. Who finances the production either by their own money or through investors?

15. ________ wrote new lyrics for this English popular entertainment

16. Who is the author of Tales of the South Pacific a source material for South Pacific

17. Compsoer and lyricist for Kiss me - Kate

18. What show is i want to be happy

19. On your Toes mixes two things together. What are they?

20. What comic duo was the show centered around

21. Acting styles became more naturalistic as the productions _____________ ______________.

22. G: The first dramatic festivals were sponsored by what city-state?

23. what musical featured the number 'Love is Sweeping the COuntry?'

24. Choreographer of the King and I and remembered his version of 'The Small House of Uncle Thomas'

25. What were the two main reasons that the american musicals of the 1920s became so popular

26. Which sigmund romberg romantic musical is considered the best of the genre

27. Who is the star of sweet charity

28. What was Oh Kays most famous song

29. which form of musical theatre in this period had music written specifically for the productions

30. Who is responsible for designing the environment of a production - the place?

31. What characters are in show boat

32. What author of Little Johnny Jone was the son of vaudevillian parents

33. Eventually gilbet and sullivan used ___________ plots

34. What show is 'broadway melody' from

35. Who is the composer/lyricist team for The King and I

36. Which musical by Meredith Wilson begins on the 4th of July 1912 in River City - Iowa

37. Whatever Lola wants - heart are from What show

38. Who wrote Oh - Kay?

39. Which musical is based on George Bernard Shaw's play Pigmalion

40. G: Male actors played...

41. G: How many lead actors were there?

42. Who sang I got Rhythm in the original show

43. On your Toes mixes two things together. What are they?

44. G: Who was obliged have the chorus trained

45. How many productions did richard rodgers and lorenz hart contribute to broadway in 1930s

46. Imported pieces frequently adapted the comedy for local taste by _______ the level of the comedy

47. What instruments accompanied the dancing

48. who developed the roman rules for drama in 'ars Poetica' - 'the art of Poetry'

49. Who picks the actors?

50. In Greek theatre ____________ was eliminated