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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Cushings ulcers r/t Brain injury - Cushings triad r/t ICP in Brain (htn - bradycard - irr. resp)

2. Rice watery stool

3. Latex allergies => Assess for allergies to bananas - apricots - cherries - grapes - kiwis - passion fruit - avocados - chestnuts - tomatoes - peaches

4. **If kid has cold - can still give immunizations

5. Most spinal cord injuries are at the cervical or lumbar regions

6. Charcot's Triad (IAN)

7. Inspiratory stridor.. LTB = croup!!!!

8. A laxative is given the night before an IVP in order to better visualize the organs.

9. Sepsis and anaphylaxis (along with the obvious hemorrhaging) reduce circulating volume by way of increased capillary permeability - which leads to reduced preload (volume in the left ventricle at the end of diastole). This is a toughie...think about

10. Droplet Precautions:sepsis - scarlet fever - streptococcal pharyngitis - parovirus B19 - pnuemonia - pertusis - influenza - diptheria - epiglottis - rubella - mumps - meningitis - mycoplasma and adenovirus. Door open - 3 ft distance - private room or

11. Just means a difficult or abnormal delivery or birth... example.. shoulder dystocia

12. Vesicular rash (central to distal) dew drop on rose petal

13. Kopliks spots

14. In a five -year old breathe once for every 5 compressions doing cpr.

15. Opposites! Nursing connection! Think about it!

16. Diptheria is an upper respiratory tract infection. It is characterized by sore throat - low fever and the psuedomembrane! Which is just a capsule around the tonsils that you can see with your penlight... It just looks like a whiteish yellow capsule a

17. Femur or lower leg instability

18. Dance's sign: RUQ mass (intussusception) with RLQ empty space (movement of cecum out of normal position).

19. Fat Embolism: Blood tinged sputum (r/t inflammation) - inc ESR - respiratory alkalosis (not acidosis r/t tachypnea) - hypocalcemia - increased serum lipids - 'snow storm' effect on CXR.

20. Myasthenia Gravis: worsens with exercise and improves with rest. Myasthenia Crisis: a positive reaction to Tensilon -- will improve symptoms Cholinergic Crisis: caused by excessive medication - stop med - giving Tensilon will make it worse

21. Kernigs Sign (leg flex then leg pain on extension) Brudinzski sign (neck flex= lower leg flex)

22. A positive ppd confirms infection - not just exposure. A sputum test will confirm active disease.

23. An NG tube can be irrigated with cola - and should be taught to family when a client is going home with an NG tube.

24. Absence of menstruation leads to osteoporosis in the anorexic.

25. Confirms multiple myeloma

26. Place a wheelchair parallel to the bed on the side of weakness

27. Flapping tremors

28. Expiratory grunt -- Causes Infant respiratory distress!

29. Used in plus sized women or risky or emergency c sections. less chance of harm for the baby

30. Alk Ash diet - milk - veggies - rhubarb - salmon

31. Poor muscle control due to birth injuries and/or decrease oxygen to brain tissues

32. Stepladder like fever with chills

33. One medication that cannot be administered by intraosseous infusion is isoproterenol - a beta agonist.

34. Hodgkin's disease= cancer of lymph is very curable in early stage.

35. Glaucoma patients lose peripheral vision. Treated with meds

36. Position pt on right side (promotes emptying of the stomach) with the HOB elevated (to prevent aspiration)

37. Cultures

38. Definitive diagnosis for abd. aortic aneurysm (AAA) --> CT scan

39. My - Measles Chicken - Chicken Pox/Varicella Hez - Herpez Zoster/Shingles TB

40. Remember the phrase 'step up' when picturing a person going up stairs with crutches. The good leg goes up first - followed by the crutches and the bad leg. The opposite happens going down. The crutches go first - followed by the good leg.

41. Angina (low oxygen to heart tissues) = no dead heart tissues. MI= dead heart tissue present.

42. It is an amino acid that is BAD for people with PKU. It is found in food only and is also found in aspartame

43. Respiratory problems!

44. Intercostal retractions=bad!

45. The MMR vaccine is given SQ not IM.

46. (incision at nape of neck)--> position pt flat and lateral on either side.

47. Disseminated Herpes Zoster is AIRBORNE PRECAUTIONS - as to Localized Herpes Zoster is CONTACT PRECAUTIONS. A nurse with a localized herpes zoster CAN care for patients as long as the patients are Not immunosuppressed and the lesions must be covered!

48. Thoracentesis prep - Take v.s. - shave area around needle insertion - position patient with arms on pillow on over bed table or lying on side - no more than 1000cc at a one time. Post - listen for bilateral breath sounds - v.s. - check leakage - ster

49. Dystocia= baby cannot make it down to canal

50. Depresses the CNS - hypotension - facial flushing - muscle ewakness - absent deep tendon reflexes - shallow respirations - emergency