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NJ Drivers Knowledge Test

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. What is the only thing that can sober a person up?

2. What is an acceleration lane?

3. What penalties will a motorist receive for a 3rd conviction of operation under the influence of liquor/drugs?

4. When driving around a curve - vehicle will tend to

5. How often must you renew your license?

6. Five places that you can't park

7. In adverse weather conditions - how much longer will it take a large truck to stop versus a small car?

8. Hand signal when driver's hand and arm are out and upward means...

9. A person Who has a student permit must have what items w/ them when driving?

10. Use high beam lights during...

11. The holder of a Provisional Driver's License - under 21 - can have How many non-household members in the car?

12. Best way to talk to other drivers?

13. When passing a large truck/bus - it is important tot remember

14. Between what hours may a driver Who has a provisional license drive?

15. How much are your chances of getting into an accident if your BAC is .15%?

16. Before turning - you should signal at least

17. What does it mean when pavement is marked w/ 2 centerlines - one solid and one broken?

18. How long is a new driver on probation for?

19. How much are your chances of getting into an accident if your BAC is .10%?

20. When is a GDL driver permitted to use a hand-held wireless device?

21. If your wheels drift onto the shoulder (side) and you want to return to road - you should

22. When parking uphill - your wheels should be turned...

23. When can you pass on right?

24. Under GDL law - a person is required to attend a remedial training class for what reasons?

25. If someone gets drunk in your home - leaves - and gets into accident - you may become involved in

26. Criteria for a supervising driver?

27. If a student driver commits a moving traffic violation - Who is responsible?

28. What should you do if a vehicle is passing you?

29. To safely share roadway with large trucks/buses - you must know...

30. The holder of a provisional license - Who is under 21 - may rive unsupervised when what requirements are met?

31. How often must you have your vehicle inspected?

32. Best way to reduce chances of having an alcohol related accident

33. You may not park w/in How many feet of a crosswalk?

34. In city driving - it is good practice to...

35. What is the three second rule?

36. A single - solid white line across an intersection means...

37. What age can a person obtain a special learner's permit?

38. Who is required by the GDL law to wear a seat belt in the vehicle?

39. From what age are you allowed to use hand-less phones?

40. Requirements to obtain a valid provisional license?

41. What is the Implied Consent Law?

42. What four factors determine your BAC?

43. A ____ oz. shot of 86 proof whiskey= a ____ oz. glass of wine = ____ oz. bottle of beer.

44. What are the steps for making a left turn from a two-way road?

45. What items must you bring w/ you when going for Road Test?

46. What should you do if your vehicle goes into a skid?

47. What are the penalties for altering a driver's license?

48. NJ laws require you to keep to right except...

49. When must you have headlights on?

50. Every registered NJ vehicle must be insured for