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Parenting Test

Subject : soft-skills
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1. Learning experiences that are planned with a specific goal in mind

2. Made up of a married couple and their biological or adoptive children

3. Physical - emotional -or sexual violence against children

4. Forming strong emotional ties between individuals

5. Training that corrects - molds - and perfects one's actions

6. To behave in ways that are acceptable to society and family

7. A seizure or a period of unconsciousness with uncontrolled jerking of muscles

8. A break or crack in a bone

9. A child with unusual intelligence - special artistic talents - and/or the ability to understand relationships and abstract ideas

10. A penalty inflicted on a child for a violation

11. An unstable or critical situation in which the outcome will make a decisive difference for better or worse

12. Activity in which children actually play with one another

13. A national credential that certified child care workers; it is earned based on hours of child care experience and post-secondary courses taken.

14. To protect a person from disease - usually by means of a vaccine

15. Activity in which children play side by side without interacting

16. The process of caring for children and helping them grow and learn

17. Illnesses that are easily passed from one person to another

18. Capable of going backward or forward through a series of actions or changes

19. The sum of all qualities a person inherits from his or her parents at birth

20. The use and control of the large muscles of the back - legs - shoulders - and arms

21. A disorder characterized by lack of communication - extreme concern with oneself - and detachment from reality

22. A person who owns and runs his or her own business

23. Ideas about right and wrong and what is important in your life

24. A type of parenting allowing freedom; parenting behavior that is tolerant of practices disapproved of by others

25. A person that someone admires and wishes to pattern his or her behavior after

26. What a person is capable of becoming

27. A small amount of disease-carrying germs introduced to the body on purpose so that the body can build resistance to that disease

28. The ability to control one's actions

29. First aid technique that tries to restore breathing and heartbeat to persons who show no signs of breathing or a pulse

30. A term for enrolling special needs children into all areas of the curriculum

31. A brother or sister

32. A person who becomes a parent through a legal process

33. A family in which both husband and wife are employed outside the home

34. A person that provides care for and meets the needs of someone else

35. A child identified as needing assistance to compensate for specific disabilities

36. The mental picture people have of themselves; their opinion about themselves

37. A deliberate act of deciding how many children and the spacing of years between each child

38. Family system in which one or more family members do not fulfill their responsibilities throwing the system out of balance

39. An ability that depends on the use and control of the finer muscles of the wrist - finger - and ankles

40. A response that encourages a particular behavior; for example - praising a child for acceptable behavior or when a task is done correctly

41. Learning that occurs by watching and copying the actions of others

42. A person with training beyond high school in a certain area

43. A gifted child

44. Either or both spouses have been married before and have one or more children from a previous relationship

45. A position that requires a degree from a four-year college

46. Failure to meet the child's physical or emotional needs

47. The ability to arrange items in an increasing or decreasing order based on weight - volume - number - or size

48. Oversensitivity to one or more common substances

49. The process of acquiring and maintaining physical - mental - emotional - and social health

50. Being overly and uncontrollably active