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PCAT A And P Urinary System

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1. Major functioning structure of the kidneys; consists of the renal corpuscle and proximal and distal convoluted tubules and nephronic loop

2. Part of the nephron through which the filtrate passes to the collecting ducts

3. Found closer to the junction between the cortex and the medulla of the kidneys

4. Composed of cuplike epithelium that do not have microvilli and which helps to regulate the salts in the kidneys

5. Ducts that carry urine from the renal pyramid of the medulla to the renal pelvis for excretion through the ureters

6. Layer of fat that attaches to the posterior wall of the abdomen and serves to cushion the kidney

7. Found mostly in the cortex; 95% of all nephrons

8. Point of the pyramid that points inward

9. Microvilli-covered tubule that leaves Bowman's capsule and goes to the loop of Henle

10. Outer most layer of the internal portion of the kidney

11. Help to concentrate urine

12. Outermost layer of the kidney - composed of kidney tissue - and serves to anchor the kidney to surrounding body structures

13. Made up of the descending LOH and the ascending LOH

14. Give medullary pyramids striations

15. Place where urine collects before it leaves the body

16. Filtering device at the opening of the nephron; filters out large solutes and sends water and small solutes to the renal tubule

17. Ball-shaped; in glomerulus where filtrate is formed from blood

18. Inner layer of the internal kidney; consists of 18 cone-shaped subsections called the renal pyramids

19. Main processing center of the urinary system

20. Cortical tissue extensions that come down between each of the 18 pyramids

21. Filtration - reabsorption - secretion and excretion

22. Picks up solutes that have been filtered out in the glomerular bed and reabsorb them

23. Region where blood vessels and lymphatic vessels enter the kidney

24. Large structure that is continuous with the ureter - composed of minor calyces that drain into major calyces

25. Ball of capillaries containing endothelium - filtrate - the efferent arteriole and the efferent arteriole

26. Cuplike sac that has two layers

27. Deepest layer of the kidney and functions to prevent from spreading to the kidney