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Positive Thinking

Subject : soft-skills
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1. An approach to coping with negative thoughts and feelings disputing irrational beliefs

2. The tendency to expect teh worst possible outcome

3. Dramatically exaggerating the negative consequences of any minor event

4. A chain of events in which one negative event causes another negative event

5. Focusing on what is good about yourself - other people - and the world around you

6. Distress and anxiety caused by contemplating worst-case scenarios

7. Assuming that everything has to do with you somehow

8. Drawing broad negative conclusions based on limited evidence

9. A belief or opinion that predisposes you to act in a certain way

10. A distorted - self-destructive idea or assumption that interferes with your thinking

11. Focusing on the flaws and problems in yourself - other people - and the world around you

12. A negative attitude about yourself that dooms you to failure

13. The tendency to expect the best possible outcome

14. The aharing of distress - discomfort - or worry with another person

15. The habit of condemning people or things because they are not the way you think they should be

16. An illness characterized by profound feelings of sadness - hopelessness - and helplessness

17. To confront irrational beliefs with the reality of the situation

18. A self-critical pattern of thought