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Praxis Classroom Management

Subjects : praxis, teaching
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Students learn to assess their own behavior in part by watching how their teacher _______ them

2. Helping students to understand and allowing them to take ownership for some classroom policies helps increase ____________

3. Teachers should be able to walk through the classroom to _______ behavior as well as speak with students who need individual attention.

4. Furniture should be place to allow _______ or individual work

5. Arranging classroom _________ appropriately.

6. Teacher ______ can provide students with their present level of competence and guidance on how to attain the desired level of competence.

7. Establishing classroom rules - daily procedures - and routines.

8. It is especially important to set at the ________ beginning of the year for younger students - who may not yet be able to self - regulate.

9. What is one way that a teacher can communicate expectations?

10. Teachers who are ________ - with a desire to learn - inspire their students to exhibit those same qualities

11. Teachers must maintain accurate records of student behavior and give timely _______

12. The focus of teacher feedback must be on _________ as opposed to final performance.

13. A ________ ________ is a formal agreement between teacher and student that identifies behaviors the student will exhibit and the reinforcers that will follow.

14. When students misbehave - focusing on objective descriptions of the behavior - rather than traits or characteristics of the students themselves - encourages _______ _____

15. Consequences aka __________

16. Students _______ behaviors that they see modeled by trusted and respected adults.

17. A setting ________ to learning and effective classroom management will help promote positive relationships - cooperation - and purposeful learning - Making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible

18. Antecedents aka _________

19. Cueing - discussing the problem with the student - conferring with parents or conducting an intervention are possible ________ strategies

20. Students should ______ why their behavior is inappropriate through knowledge of the consequences of their actions

21. Regular ________ helps to develop a sense of partnership among teachers and families - which has a positive effect on students.

22. Peer _______ is another useful tool for teachers --- in the classroom - students witnessing a similar peer successfully performing a task often feel that they too are capable of performing the task.

23. Consequences for noncompliance to the rules should move from...

24. _________ is the key in implementation.