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Praxis Special Ed

Subjects : praxis, teaching
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1. Which perspective attributes emotional and behavioral disorders to poor interaction with the environment in which the student and environment affect each other reciprocally and advocates interventions using the entire social system

2. What would an example of a multimodal treatment for a child with ADD be?

3. Mobility training for students who are visually impaired can involve...

4. What does FVA stand for?

5. Hearing loss is low- incidence disability that effects what percent of the population?

6. Reinforce an appropriate but incompatible behavior

7. What does outer - directedness mean?

8. According to IDEA 2004 is ADD ADHD a separate disability catagory?

9. Name three components of the AAMR definition of mental retardation

10. Birthplace of FAPE

11. earing impairment that is so severe to cause impaired processing of linguistic information through hearing

12. communication disorders or language or voice impairments

13. What time frame must an evaluation happen after the parents give consent?

14. What are the three sub types of ADHD?

15. Share the responsibility for the students education

16. Specific learning disability

17. 504

18. The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales would most likely be an example of

19. ADHD criteria is defined by

20. What does congenital hearing loss mean?

21. Having students keeps track of their own behavior and then receive rewards for appropriate behavior is known as...

22. acquired injury to the brain caused by external physical force resulting in total or partial functional disability or psychosocial impairment of both

23. The Vocational and Rehabilitation Act of 1974

24. Randi has an average IQ score but scores far below grade in reading - writing - and math: this profile is most consistent with a...

25. asmtha - add - adhd - diabetes - epilepsy

26. A girl who has long temper tantrums needs to have her behavior observed in what way for a baseline assessment

27. Which deals with removing aversives negative reinforcement of negative consequences

28. Spina bifida

29. In errorless learning SD stands for?

30. Students with learning disabilities account for what percent of children in special education

31. A model used with ESL and deaf students

32. Using objectives from the students work in class as a means to evaluate progress and adapt instruction is known as

33. From a functional perspective deafness is related to difficulties with the ability to...

34. Professional collaboration - philosophy of diversity - use of cooperative learning

35. What does the Transition Planning Inventory assesses?

36. What are the three categories in the range of visual impairments?

37. impairment in hearing that affects educaitonal performance - but not included under the definition of deafness

38. severe orthopedic impairment - including impairments caused by congenital anomalies - disease - and other causes

39. What is acquired hearing loss?

40. A psychoanalytic approach would explain behavior disorders as resulting from

41. In order to be identified as having mental retardation a child must demonstrate significantly sub average functioning and

42. Autism falls on the spectrum of...

43. What would be an appropriate task for high school students with mild mental retardation?

44. developmental delay that effects verbal and non - verbal communication and social interaction is called...

45. What is CLOZE procedure?

46. What is sensorineural hearing loss?

47. Under President Johnson in the 1960's basis for title one

48. A teacher who sets clear and explicit goals for each lesson - presents a logical sequence of tasks - gives clear directions on how to do eacht ask - engages the student in guided practice - asks frequent questions - gives feedback - and does not move

49. The most likely reason to adminster a Woodcock Johnson would be to test for...

50. A statement that explains why the placement is the least restrictive environemnt