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1. What are the four types of causes of mental retardation?

2. ision impairment including partial sight and blindness

3. A remedial approach

4. Standord Binet and Scales of Independent Behavior

5. The approach that categorizes exceptionality as the statistical degree to which an individual deviates from the average in terms of cognitive - social - emotional - and physical abilities is called

6. In order to be identified as having mental retardation a child must demonstrate significantly sub average functioning and

7. What does a cochlear implant do?

8. developmental delay that effects verbal and non - verbal communication and social interaction is called...

9. asmtha - add - adhd - diabetes - epilepsy

10. Social skills are crucial to success in inclusive education

11. Three examples of supplemental aides for death students

12. Prelinguistic mileau training allows teachers to teach language skills to...

13. What is the prevalence of autism?

14. Four varying degrees of support for the mentally retarded

15. What does the Transition Planning Inventory assesses?

16. A student with mild conductive loss is most likely to make use of a

17. What instrument do we use to test hearing?

18. If a spanish student is tested in english for his WICS- VI his parents can contest the results on the basis of

19. Reinforce an appropriate but incompatible behavior

20. 'Filing out job application and after school work with an electrician' are listed on Jeff's ITP his long term goal is to...

21. Which principle of IDEA involves due process?

22. inability to learn not explained by sensory intellectual or health factors

23. Two student who sat next to each other and distract one another then the teacher moves them and they stop talking...

24. In a full - inclusion model services to students with disabilities are available in...

25. What is sensorineural hearing loss?

26. What percent of the population was ADHD?

27. Which deals with removing aversives negative reinforcement of negative consequences

28. What behavior assessment scale is often used to rate students for ADHD?

29. What are some examples of assistive technology for blind students?

30. Which perspective attributes emotional and behavioral disorders to poor interaction with the environment in which the student and environment affect each other reciprocally and advocates interventions using the entire social system

31. acquired injury to the brain caused by external physical force resulting in total or partial functional disability or psychosocial impairment of both

32. ADHD criteria is defined by

33. Social - emotional - physical - cognitive - adaptive - & communication

34. What is the broadest means of using technology for speech and language purposes?

35. IDEA 04 does not require IEP's for students...

36. The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales would most likely be an example of

37. Is FBA a type of ecological assessment?

38. The Vocational and Rehabilitation Act of 1974

39. The process for assessing data regarding student environments for community based instruction is called a?

40. What are four types of data based decision making?

41. In order to identify a student with a learning disability most examiners are concerned with a discrepancy between...

42. In making a decision about curriculum and instruction for a student with a disability what piece of information is most useful?

43. What are the three domains of adaptive behavior?

44. A 14 year old boy with mild autism would have what in his curriculum

45. What is conductive hearing loss?

46. Under President Johnson in the 1960's basis for title one

47. An organization that was founded in 1922 to advocate for all children with disabilities is called the

48. Students must be involved in transition planning services starting at age...

49. earing impairment that is so severe to cause impaired processing of linguistic information through hearing

50. 504