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1. Multiple and severe disabilties

2. acquired injury to the brain caused by external physical force resulting in total or partial functional disability or psychosocial impairment of both

3. IDEA 04 does not require IEP's for students...

4. Birthplace of FAPE

5. asmtha - add - adhd - diabetes - epilepsy

6. What would an example of a multimodal treatment for a child with ADD be?

7. Almost 2/3rds of children with ADD or ADHD also have some kind of

8. Hearing loss is low- incidence disability that effects what percent of the population?

9. hearing and visual impariments causing severe communication and other developmental and educational needs

10. How does deafness connect to IDEA?

11. The most likely reason to adminster a Woodcock Johnson would be to test for...

12. Which principle of IDEA involves due process?

13. What are the two major characteristics of mental retardation?

14. A girl who has long temper tantrums needs to have her behavior observed in what way for a baseline assessment

15. Students must be involved in transition planning services starting at age...

16. Under President Johnson in the 1960's basis for title one

17. Most people with severe and multiple disabilities have a primary condition of...

18. Students with mild mental retardation make up what percentage of students with mental retardation

19. The approach that categorizes exceptionality as the statistical degree to which an individual deviates from the average in terms of cognitive - social - emotional - and physical abilities is called

20. Randi has an average IQ score but scores far below grade in reading - writing - and math: this profile is most consistent with a...

21. Specific learning disability

22. Dealt with the language of assessment - must be administered in the students native language

23. About 80% of all speech disorders are characterized by difficulties with...

24. The Vocational and Rehabilitation Act of 1974

25. IEP - LRE - Student/parent participation - FAPE - procedural safeguards - appropriate evaluation

26. What are the three sub types of ADHD?

27. Prelinguistic mileau training allows teachers to teach language skills to...

28. 'Filing out job application and after school work with an electrician' are listed on Jeff's ITP his long term goal is to...

29. All the members of a group must achieve a certain goal before any member of the group receives a reward is an example of a

30. ADHD criteria is defined by

31. What are the three categories in the range of visual impairments?

32. co - occurring impairments causing severe educational needs; does not include deaf - blindness

33. What does FVA stand for?

34. Placing students with same disabilities together for instruction purposes represents a

35. Mobility training for students who are visually impaired can involve...

36. Having students keeps track of their own behavior and then receive rewards for appropriate behavior is known as...

37. If a college bound student has the accommodation that he uses a tape recorder in english and a calculator in algebra II this is an example of

38. subaverage general intellectual functioning with deficits in adaptive behavior

39. Professional collaboration - philosophy of diversity - use of cooperative learning

40. What is the prevalence of autism?

41. Using objectives from the students work in class as a means to evaluate progress and adapt instruction is known as

42. Is inviting every single teacher to an IEP meeting something that will put parents at ease

43. The process for assessing data regarding student environments for community based instruction is called a?

44. If parents are considering that their 4th grade student may need special education services the first step would be to do a

45. Learners with disabilities have opportunities to achieve commensurate with their peers

46. The approach to reading instruction which uses students language and experiences and in which reading is taught a meaning - oriented integrated activity rather than a collection of separate skills is known as a

47. The principle of 2004 that will not let you suspend a student if his behavior is a function of his disability is known as

48. What are the four types of causes of mental retardation?

49. Diana vs. State Board of Education - Larry P.vs Riles - and Lau vs. Nichols all addressed the issue of?

50. A phenomena in which students with disabilities think they fail no harder they try is called