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Praxis Special Ed

Subjects : praxis, teaching
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1. Supreme Court Ruled that a deaf student did not need to have an interpreter to receive FAPE

2. What percentage of deaf students spend most of their time in the regular education classrom

3. What would be an appropriate task for high school students with mild mental retardation?

4. What are the seven characteristics of autism?

5. What is an adventitious visual impairment?

6. What are the three categories in the range of visual impairments?

7. What does FVA stand for?

8. Learners with disabilities have opportunities to achieve commensurate with their peers

9. What behavior assessment scale is often used to rate students for ADHD?

10. Do cochlear implants make sound louder?

11. Students with mild mental retardation make up what percentage of students with mental retardation

12. Two student who sat next to each other and distract one another then the teacher moves them and they stop talking...

13. Spina bifida

14. What is the standard achievement test for deaf students?

15. Name four areas of executive function

16. A 14 year old boy with mild autism would have what in his curriculum

17. acquired injury to the brain caused by external physical force resulting in total or partial functional disability or psychosocial impairment of both

18. Birthplace of FAPE

19. What comes first in the IEP -- placement or program?

20. If a spanish student is tested in english for his WICS- VI his parents can contest the results on the basis of

21. communication disorders or language or voice impairments

22. What are the three types of timing that effect mental retardation

23. What are some examples of assistive technology for blind students?

24. What is indicative of a receptive language disorder?

25. Misclassification of African Americans as mentally retarded because of unfair IQ tests

26. What is acquired hearing loss?

27. What is the prevalence of autism?

28. Asperger Syndrome is defined as

29. In order to identify a student with a learning disability most examiners are concerned with a discrepancy between...

30. What is conductive hearing loss?

31. Prelinguistic mileau training allows teachers to teach language skills to...

32. Share the responsibility for the students education

33. If a 5th grade student is getting frustrated in social studies because he still reads at a third grade level - what should the teacher do?

34. ision impairment including partial sight and blindness

35. Name three components of the AAMR definition of mental retardation

36. The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales would most likely be an example of

37. Using objectives from the students work in class as a means to evaluate progress and adapt instruction is known as

38. A psychoanalytic approach would explain behavior disorders as resulting from

39. Autism falls on the spectrum of...

40. 'Filing out job application and after school work with an electrician' are listed on Jeff's ITP his long term goal is to...

41. What is sensorineural hearing loss?

42. What percent of the population was ADHD?

43. Mobility training for students who are visually impaired can involve...

44. A resource room teacher would be most likely to contact an OT to

45. The approach to reading instruction which uses students language and experiences and in which reading is taught a meaning - oriented integrated activity rather than a collection of separate skills is known as a

46. A ecological inventory for an MR student in a fast food environment would be...

47. What are the three domains of adaptive behavior?

48. IDEA 04 does not require IEP's for students...

49. Dealt with the language of assessment - must be administered in the students native language

50. What time frame must an evaluation happen after the parents give consent?