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SAT Subject Test: World History

Subjects : sat, history
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1. A sole ruler with absolute power

2. Large collective farm

3. A nomadic group from central Asia who undertook a mass migration toward the Roman empire in the 400s Ce

4. Warrior leaders in feudal Japan

5. An advocate of philosophy which held that government actions and policies were useful only when they promoted the common good

6. An independent state whose citizens are bound by a common cultural identity

7. Resolution passes by the US congress to authorize President Lyndon Johnson to send U.S troops into Vietnam

8. Copying human DNA sequence to create a new human being

9. Periodic migration in order to locate grazing lands from domesticated herds

10. The dissemination of materials or messages to promote one's own cause or diminish the cause of an adversary

11. The right to vote

12. Business practices- including capitalism - join-stock companies - and mercantilism- that characterized- that characterized Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

13. A political movement that emphasizes extreme nationalism and loyalty to the sate and features one-party rule by an authoritarian ruler

14. A group of families that formed the basis of villages in some part of Africa

15. A territory under the direct control of a stronger country

16. A bone or shell used by Chinese to determine the will of goals

17. A pilgrimage to Mecca required once during the lifetime of a follower of Islam

18. Agriculture carried out on large scale to produce crops for sale to competitive global markets

19. A small ship with triangular and rectangular sails as well as stern post rudder that permitted greater control in steering the vessel

20. Reserved territory in the least desirable area of South Africa set aside for black residents

21. A blend some of the beliefs of Zoroastianism - Buddhism - and Christianity which held that life was a struggle between good and evil

22. A reform program initiated by US president Franklin Roosevelt to restore the US economy during the great depression

23. Idea proposed by the enlightenment philosopher Montesquieu in which the powers of government are divided among different branches

24. Chinese concept of balance in nature represented by male assertiveness and female submission

25. The study of humans as a species

26. The Allied invasion of Normandy in the northwestern France on June 6th 1994

27. Head-to-toe garment with a mesh- like panel covering face; required attire for women under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan by other Islamic societies

28. The most popular of the Hellenistic philosophies - the belief that individuals had a responsibility to aid others and lead virtuous lives

29. Hellenistic philosophy that sought inner peace and please - defined as avoidance of pain

30. Hellenistic philosophy calling for a return to simplicity and a rejection of materialism -;;

31. An artistic movement in the early 20th century that produces works that were meaningless and whimsical ()

32. A painting done on wet plaster that was typical of the art of the Greeks and Romans of the European Renaissance

33. Ethnically homogeneous nations under the Ottoman empire who were allowed a representative to serve as a voice before the sultan

34. In ancient Rome - a military unit of 5 -000 to 6 -000 infantry

35. A family of chemicals used in industry - air conditioning refrigeration and consumer products; one of the chief destroyers of the earth's ozone layer

36. Government in the hands of the wealthy or the nobility

37. A Hellenistic religion that involved faith in eastern deities and the promise of eternal life to believers

38. Organization founded in 1921 by black Africans to campaign for their rights

39. An instrument that allowed mariners to determine altitude by measuring the position of the stars -

40. French Protestants

41. In Buddhism - a state of perfect peace

42. A blend of Confucianism and Buddhism that emphasized traditional Chinese values of self-discipline - family loyalty - and obedience to authority

43. Neutrality of developing nations during the cold war

44. Those factors essential to initialization: land - labor - capital - and entrepreneurship

45. A method of measuring the amount of radiocarbon in fossilized material

46. Hard -reddish-brown clay used in pottery

47. A former colonial territory that is supervised by another country during its translation to an independent nation

48. Members of the same ruling family maintaining control of their country's government for several generations

49. Objects shaped by humans

50. The fight of muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 CE - and the first year of the Muslim calender