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SAT - TOEFL High Frequency Words

Subjects : sat, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. A speech honoring the dead

2. Thrift; economy

3. Selective; composed of elements drawn from disparate sources

4. Brainless; inane; foolish - yet smug

5. To satisfy fully or overindulge

6. Precise and brief

7. Irritable; easily angered

8. Make thinner; weaken or lessen (in density - force - degree)

9. Deceit or trickery

10. Daring and fearless; recklessly bold

11. To make or become less severe or intense; to moderate

12. Capricious; fanciful

13. Capable of being shaped or formed; tractable; pliable

14. Ancient - old-fashioned

15. Not capable of change

16. Lying; habitually dishonest

17. To fail to honor a commitment; to go back on a promise

18. To refuse to have anything to do with; to disown

19. A disposition in favor of something; preference

20. Easily deceived

21. Intensely emotional; feverish

22. Kindly; doing good

23. Lessen in intensity; moderate; appease

24. Expression of praise - often on the occasion of someone's death

25. Excessively decorated or embellished

26. Disgrace; contempt; scorn

27. Fresh and clean; uncorrupted

28. To express sorrow; to grieve

29. Self-important or pompous writing or speech

30. To court favor by a flattering manner

31. Wordy

32. To conciliate; to appease

33. To move to and fro; to sway; to be unsettled in opinion

34. Lament with music

35. Penny-pinching; excessively thrifty; ungenerous

36. Implied; not explicitly stated

37. Agent that stimulates or precipitates a reaction - development - or change

38. Loquacious; wordy; talkative

39. To combine several elements into a whole

40. To increase in intensity - power - or prestige

41. Following or in agreement with accepted - traditional standards

42. Arrogant presumption or pride

43. Harsh - jarring - discordant sound; dissonance

44. To anticipate and make unnecessary

45. Soothing - esp. to the skin; making less harsh

46. Establish by evidence; verify; support

47. Brief; concise

48. Recently begun; rudimentary; elementary

49. Excess; overabundance

50. The essential or central part