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Subjects : sat, english, vocabulary
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1. To cite as an example or justification

2. Limited to the duration of an episode; temporary.

3. Prone to hiding.

4. Not easily pacified

5. Corrupt

6. Chaos

7. Deeply rooted

8. Experimental

9. Lacking authenticity - false; not genuine

10. To amass - gather - or accumulate

11. Curse

12. Rude; brash

13. Cutting or keen; keen-edged

14. To give up (rights); to deny

15. To excuse; to overlook ('to condone tardiness')

16. Sly; treacherous; more dangerous than seems apparent

17. Self-denying

18. To explain the meaning of

19. 1) changing in color 2) marked by variety

20. Humor; lack of seriousness

21. A dummy of a hated person

22. The opposite; highest possible contrast

23. Lack of temperance - especially with alcohol

24. To end

25. Revival

26. Showy

27. To obstruct; to block out (n. occlusion)

28. Praise

29. Belonging to or reserved for a small - select group; esoteric;

30. Intense hostility toward a person or thing

31. Secret

32. A nonfiction literary work

33. A stimulus

34. Dull; commonplace (prose)

35. Devotion; religious reverence

36. A payment or profit received in addition to a regular wage

37. A bad thing; something that can hurt you

38. Pertaining to smell

39. Trace

40. To go back (on one's word); to break a promise

41. To misinterpret

42. Secret - stealthy

43. A commonplace remark; cliche

44. To increase instigation

45. To ruin one's reputation

46. A source

47. A hint; an indirect statement; insinuation

48. Sympathy

49. Rude; uncultured; primitive; uncivilized

50. To weaken