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Structural Engineering

Subject : engineering
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1. A force that pushes togeather

2. Members start to bend due to increased load

3. Use materials with a good balance of weight and strength

4. 1) I 2) T 3) Channel 4) Box 5) Angle

5. (1) Compression (2) Tension

6. State of balance where opposing forces are equal

7. Combine Horisantal and Vertical members

8. A structure made from more than 1 or more triangles

9. Shorter is stronger

10. Individual interconnected parts of structure

11. Members bend permeatly out of shape - Cracks may appear

12. Lighter so that the supports hold less and there is less static load

13. Opposing force sliding past each other

14. Forces that change

15. A force that pulls apart

16. The only figure that can not change shape without shortening or lengthing a side.

17. A twisting force

18. Pushing down in 1 spot at the middle of the bridge is more stressful to the structurethan if the same force is spread out. One heavy trucj in the middle of a bridge has more effect than several cars that are spread out but total the same weight

19. Thicker than can hold more

20. Forces that don't change

21. Forces that act upon a structure