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Technology Applications: General Concepts 1

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1. A 4.72-inch-diameter disc on which a laser has digitally recorded information such as audio - video - or computer data.

2. An instructional method that involves showing how to do a task as well as describing why - when - and where it is done. Provides a real or lifelike example of the skill or procedure to be learned.

3. An animation key frame is a single still image defined throughout an animated sequence that occurs at a pivotal point in that sequence.

4. Resource for students with hearing impairments in which the teacher wears a wireless microphone and students with auditory processing learning disabilities wear receivers that amplify the teacher's voice and serve to focus attention

5. The term authoring suggests writing. Authoring programs are designed to help teachers and students produce courseware and programs. These authoring programs help the user develop computer programs in computer languages that can be otherwise quite dif

6. The most common input device; resembles the key layout of a typewriter.

7. A filter of an electronic database program allows application of a set of selection criteria or sorting instructions to the records in a table. When a database is closed - the selection criteria and/or sorting instructions will be wiped out. In contr

8. A series of steps needed to solve a particular problem or perform a particular task; a methodical - logical rule or procedure that guarantees solving a particular problem. Contrasts with the usually speedier -- but also more error-prone -- use of heu

9. A worldwide radio-navigation system made possible by a bank of orbiting satellites and their ground stations to pinpoint exact geographic locations on earth; a device that cross-references a GPS signal with mapping software and shows the location to

10. Computer programs used to develop multimedia or Web applications; programs used to create documents utilizing point and click features but require some knowledge of the program; authoring programs such as Adobe Flash can be used to create multimedia

11. An instructional approach that provides an appealing environment in which learners invest effort to follow prescribed rules in order to attain a challenging goal; designed to increase motivation by adding game rules to a learning activity

12. An internal state that leads people to choose to work toward certain goals and experiences. Defines what people will do rather than what they can do.

13. Text used to name parts of an electronic spreadsheet.

14. In cognitive load theory - cognitive processes that are required for making sense of material a person is trying to learn can overwhelm learner's cognitive capacity unless strategies are in place to handle it by learning theorist Robert Gagn as bein

15. Using technology to accommodate difficulties individuals have with performing specific tasks - e.g. - providing speech recognition software to those with physical disabilities that limit their use of a pencil or a keyboard

16. A form of education in which some means - electronic or otherwise - is used to connect people with instructors and/or resources that can help them acquire knowledge and skills; structured learning that takes place without the physical presence of the

17. Channels of communication that carry messages with an instructional purpose; the different ways and means by which information can be delivered to or experienced by a learner.

18. Online sites that function like other dictionaries in that they give definitions for words and phrases in common usage - but provide the additional capability of looking up the word or phrase in one language (e.g. - French or German) and get the defi

19. A three-dimensional representation of a real object; it may be larger - smaller - or the same size as the object represented.

20. An internal network or a subset of the Internet - usually available only to the members of the organization that set it up; as a provision for security - some technical department set up Intranets which are parts of the Internet used internally withi

21. Sections programmed to display on a web page; the contents of each frame are actually different web pages displayed on one screen; the term refers to a single complete graphic image that is displayed chronologically with other graphic images. A singl

22. (short for Command Line Interface) the interface is where the user types a text command and the computer responds according to that command.

23. A computer system set up to allow notices to be posted and viewed by anyone who has access to the network

24. A major category of locations on the Internet. Major domains include com (company) - edu (educational institution) - gov (government) - net (network) - and org (organization).

25. Approximately a million bytes - or 1000 kilobytes.

26. A graphical representation of interrelated concepts that students can use as a learning aid or that teachers can use as an aid in content organization; tools designed to help people think through and explore ideas or topics by developing these visual

27. A technique that reduces the amount of a graphic that shows or prints.

28. The process of taking a series of individual pictures -- called frames -- and stringing them together in a timed sequence to give the appearance of continuous motion. Animations are motion files - either in 2-D animation or 3-D animation. On the Web

29. One of the rights accorded to the owner of copyright is the right to reproduce or to authorize others to reproduce the work in copies or phonorecords. This right is subject to certain limitations found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law

30. An instructional software function that presents items for students to work on (usually one at a time) and gives feedback on correctness; a series of practice exercises designed to increase fluency in a new skill or to refresh an existing one. Use of

31. A computer system that stores and manipulates a database of information about geographic locations; users see data pertaining to a geographic location overlaid on a map of the area

32. Systems that allow individuals to view and examine the world through multiple layering of geographic data within a spatial environment; use of technology for visualization - analysis - and measurement of features and phenomena

33. 'Image map' allows graphics to respond to mouse clicks to lead to more than one place from a single graphic. Clickable maps can be based on graphical maps such as floor plans - road maps - regional maps - and the like. The imagemapper - or simple ima

34. Not occurring at the same time - form of distance communications in which information and messages are left for the receiver to read later; contrasts with synchronous communications - in which information and messages are sent and received immediatel

35. An instructional plan for an individual student (usually one with special needs) that describes the student's current level of proficiency and also establishes short- and long-term goals for future focus. An IEP is typically developed through a confe

36. According to learning theorist B. E Skinner - experiences (positive reinforcement - negative reinforcement - punishment) that shape desired behavioral responses

37. A type of problem solving that requires students to actively participate in real or hypothetical problem situations that reflect the types of experiences actually encountered in the discipline under study

38. A computer dedicated to managing a computer network and providing resources to other computers on the network (the clients). The file server is usually faster and has larger storage capabilities than the client machines.

39. Television-like display screen that uses a cathode ray tube.

40. Can be defined as a pleasing arrangement of parts - whether it be music - poetry - or color. In visual experiences - harmony is something that is pleasing to the eye. It engages the viewer and creates an inner sense of order. There are three formulas

41. Program stored on individual computers or on the school or district network in order to prevent access to Internet sites with inappropriate materials

42. The use of the computer in the delivery of instruction.

43. Previously created graphics designed to be added to word processing or desktop publishing documents or to computer-based instruction.

44. Sometimes called paint or raster graphics - in which each pixel directly corresponds to a spot on the display screen. When scaled to larger sizes - this type of graphic looks jagged or aliased; Developed originally for use on Disk Operating System (D

45. Classroom display that allow teachers or students to interact with the computer through a touch sensitive board on which the computer screen is projected.

46. Input device - used primarily with games - that moves on-screen figures or a cursor with a handle that moves in all directions

47. A type of instructional activity that provides students with an opportunity to practice using what they are learning.

48. A blueprint for instructional lessons based on analyses of the learners - the context - and the task to be learned. Planning involves the process of deciding what methods of instruction are best for bringing about desired changes in student knowledge

49. Refers to the attitudes - values - customs - and behavior patterns that characterize a social group.

50. A term used on the Twitter system for a prefix to a message (Tweet)consisting of a pound sign (#)and a topic name (e.g. - #ripstevejobs). Users begin a Tweet with a hash tag to allow others to identify posts and create their own messages on that topi