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The Housekeeping Department

Subject : hospitality
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1. The activities required to keep a building and its contents in good repair. Also - the department or area within a hotel responsible for these activities.

2. The owner has intentionally left the item(s) behind

3. A guest that is not scheduled to check out of the hotel on the day his or her room status is assessed. That is - the guest will be staying at least one more day.

4. A specially marked plastic bag used in hotels. Laundry items that are blood or bodily fluid stained and thus need special handling are placed into these bags for transport to the OPL

5. The owner has unintentionally left the item(s) behind

6. A report detailing the amount of an inventoried item used by a hotel in a specified time period

7. A generic term for the guest room sheets and pillowcases (and Food and Beverage department tablecloths and napkins) washed and dried in the laundry area.

8. Those areas within the hotel that can be freely accessed by guests and visitors.

9. The individual responsible for the management and operation of a hotel's Housekeeping department.

10. A wheeled cart that contains all of the items needed to properly and safely clean and re-stock a guest room

11. Total costs incurred for an item or area divided by the number of rooms occupied in the hotel for the time period examined.

12. Collecting -sorting/repairing -washing -drying -finishing and folding -storing -delivering

13. The intensive cleaning of a guest room that typically includes a thorough cleaning of items such as drapes - lamp shades - carpets - furniture - and walls.

14. The average number of minutes required to clean a guest room

15. A method of processing laundry that utilizes ozonated cold water rather than hot water to clean and sanitize laundry.

16. The up-to-date condition of each of the hotel's individual guest rooms.

17. A written statement describing the potential hazards of - and best ways to handle - a chemical or toxic substance

18. The amount of laundry in use - in process - and in storage.

19. The individual responsible for the cleaning of public spaces

20. The individual(s) responsible for cleaning guest rooms

21. The owner has unintentionally left the item(s) behind - and then forgotten them.

22. The individual(s) responsible for physically checking the room status of guest rooms as well as other tasks as assigned by the Executive Housekeeper.

23. A generic term for the bath towels - fabric bath mats - hand towels - and washcloths that are washed and dried in the laundry area