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TOEFL Vocab: American Slang

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. A beautiful - attractive woman; handsome man

2. Something or someone that is depressing; anything that makes one sad.

3. To successfully obtain something - especially sex or drugs; to acquire something desirable

4. Amazing

5. Very good; fashionable; beautiful

6. Nervous or apprehensive; afraid that something bad will happen.

7. To help out; to contribute to a group effort or common undertaking;

8. To express suppressed emotions; to let one's feelings out into the open.

9. To say negative things about someone or something.

10. To study feverishly before an exam

11. To lose or waste something

12. Someone who drinks too much alcohol; an alcoholic.

13. Speech that doesn't make sense; nonsensical words and phrases.

14. To succeed or to do well

15. To follow someone around; or - the person who follows someone around.

16. Something that has failed or is ruined; something that is soon to be ruined

17. Home or place of residence

18. A coward; an ineffectual - timid person

19. Of poor quality; inferior.

20. Risky - dangerous

21. To fail or to be unsuccessful

22. Someone who isn't very smart; a stupid person.

23. A bushy haircut of curly hair - as worn by some African-Americans.

24. Very good; fashionable; beautiful

25. A phrase that means 'and so forth' or 'on and on;' it usually refers to something that is a minor detail or boring and repetitive.

26. Stylish - elegant - fashionable.

27. Something that is boring or completely uninteresting

28. To insult someone - to disrespect someone

29. Weak - not convincing

30. To go to sleep

31. Crazy; hopelessly broken down

32. To be nervous or anxious or jumpy; to be unable to sit still.

33. A clumsy person; an awkward or physically incompetent individual.

34. In a bad situation; in trouble

35. Very excited and ready to go; in high spirits.

36. To make sexual advances toward; to sweet talk somebody

37. Addicted; to like something so much that you need it every day.

38. Broken; in a state of chaos; not working.

39. A person who lives in the village - as being unintelligent

40. An overly intellectual person with poor social skills; an unfashionable and unpopular person.

41. To loose courage; become afraid.

42. Very Important Person; a phrase used to describe powerful people in business - politics - sports - and entertainment.

43. To leave an unwanted person - place or thing behind; to get rid of something or someone.

44. To be sick - with an unusually high body temperature; to be very hot due to illness.

45. To die

46. A good friend.