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TOEFL Vocab: Everyday Phrases

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Be completely at a loss as to what to do

2. Kuyrugunu sikistirip kacmak

3. To quarrel

4. Severe cold and fever

5. Wearing glamorous clothes intended to create a striking impression

6. Escape being caught; avoid

7. A large piece of something without definite shape

8. 1. not definite or certain - and may be changed later SYN provisional OPP definite: I passed on my t...... conclusions to the police. The government is taking t......... steps towards tackling the country's economic problems. 2. done without confiden

9. Unfounded fear of being unwell

10. A plastic hat that keeps your hair dry in a shower

11. No longer changeable; 'the agreement is not yet s............'

12. Fail to recognize or state the true value of someone or something.

13. Bank of snow - mound of snow piled up by the wind; snow driven by the wind

14. To make someone react less strongly to something by making them become used to it - ......... somebody to something - Does TV ........ people to violence? — d.........zation

15. If necessary - if need be - in an emergency - just possibly - with difficulty; N. Amer. in a pinch; Brit. informal at a push.

16. Left behind; stranded - put on a reef or section of land; abandoned in a deserted place

17. A small dark shop or restaurant

18. Getting too angry

19. An event or situation that might happen in the future - especially one that could cause problems: a ......... plan

20. Formal to consider or discuss something again: We need to ..... this proposal as soon as the budget is clearer.

21. A small ring for an infant to bite on while teething.

22. Time of trouble - time of need - emergency

23. Owned and managed by a family or a husband and wife: a real .........restaurant

24. To treat or represent someone or something good - beautiful etc in a way that is as good as they deserve: The photo doesn't .... her ........ - No words can ...........to the experience. do something such as a test well enough to show your real abili

25. Silence

26. Shocked

27. 1. to work less hard or do something with less energy than before: Just relax and ......... a little. 2. to start doing something less - You should ......... on the whisky. 3. to improve or get less - The snow was .......

28. A frame on wheels that a baby can sit in and move around using its legs - before it can walk SYN baby ...... British English

29. Carriage in a train that is equipped with special couches for sleeping

30. Get the ball rolling

31. Adj. holy - sacred - sanctified - revered

32. Sense of right and wrong

33. Road crossing for those traveling by foot

34. Boast - exaggerate about oneself

35. Depart; set off to sea

36. Poor - lacking money; under pressure - troubled

37. Chatter - talk nonsense - speak about trivial matters

38. To be good enough to do a particular job or to reach a particular standard: We'll give you a week's trial in the job to see how you ........... - .......... to - How will the Secretary General ......... to his new responsibilities?

39. Basarili olacagindan süphe etmek

40. Be cheerful and get on with life

41. It is so unpleasant that you do not want to be near it - or it makes you feel ill - The smell r........ him. 2. [transitive] to make someone who is attacking you go away - by fighting them: The army was ready to ....... an attack. 3. [transitive] to

42. In a state of confusion or disorder - in a mess

43. Tools to pull apart or twist

44. A job - especially one that does not last for a long time

45. Adj. dangerous - risky

46. To prevent someone who is trying to attack or defeat you from succeeding: Not even a gun could hold him off forever.

47. Partly frozen rain - mixture of snow and rain v-n

48. Large boses for household things

49. Fixed - unchanging; arranged - prepared; resolute - firmly resolved; determined in advance

50. Strange - weird - odd; curly - twisted; stiff; sexually perverted