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TOEFL Vocab: Mind And Body

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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1. To worship as a god

2. To continue to exist; to hold to a purpose - despite any obstacle

3. Having the power to renew oneself for an indefinite period of time

4. Relating to a church

5. Weakened or worn out because of age - illness - or excessive use

6. Beyond doubt; unquestionable

7. With awareness of one's actions

8. Techniques for reducing sensation and feeling - especially to control pain

9. To praise or honor

10. The belief that natural objects - such as trees - have souls

11. An healthful condition caused by an infection or a long-term physical problem

12. Something unusual

13. To move back or away from

14. Excessively overweight

15. To bring or get back

16. To reflect; to think quietly and deeply for a long time

17. To call on for support

18. Having or exhibiting religious reverence

19. One who does not believe in the existence of a supreme being

20. To set in firmly; to insert in the body surgically

21. The use of science and technology to investigate facts in criminal cases

22. Strong fear mixed with disgust

23. A dimly visible form - usually thought to be the spirit of a dead person - a sunken ship - etc

24. To come between

25. A factor that makes something more difficult or complex

26. By means of a natural sense about things that are hard to observe

27. An educated guess of how something will develop - especially a disease

28. To make bigger or better by adding to

29. To inflict an injury on

30. Anything offered to a deity as a religious thanksgiving giving up something in order to have something more valuable later on

31. Any of the tubes that form a branching system - especially those that carry blood to the heart

32. To favor an opinion or a course of action

33. In a manner that is officially recognized

34. To insert a liquid by means of a syringe

35. Relating to the supposed ability of the human mind to sense things that cannot be observed

36. Foretelling the future by finding patterns in physical objects

37. Acting as an agent between people or things

38. Causing death or disaster

39. Believing that humans cannot know whether there is a god

40. To restore to health

41. To reduce in value or strength

42. Located at an end; approaching death

43. Related to the study of the position of stars - the sun - and the planets in the belief that they influence earthly events

44. A specific way or performing or doing something

45. Opening; a big difference in amount or quality

46. A mark on the skin left after a wound has healed ; a lasting sign of damage - either mental or physical

47. To continually appear ( in the form of a ghost) in the same place or to the same person

48. The act of taking possession of something

49. To make worse; to anger or intensify

50. To consider thoughtfully