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TOEFL Vocab: Phrasal Verbs

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
  • Answer 50 questions in 15 minutes.
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Write out (a list - etc); manage to read; understand

2. Continue

3. To come from behind and reach the same level as someone who is ahead of you

4. Save; reserve

5. To visit

6. Begin to fly; remove

7. Emphasize

8. Demand

9. Look or behave like someone in the family

10. Support

11. To move or develop more slowly than others

12. Begin or start

13. Pay a debt in full

14. Meet by chance

15. Sink or crash; be defeated in a contest

16. Quit; cease to participate

17. Pass responsibility to someone else

18. Bring to notice; resign from; vomit

19. Continue

20. Speak in defence of

21. Surrendered; admit to be defeated

22. Establish

23. Decrease

24. Interrupt

25. Despatch; circulate

26. Ask for help

27. To give something to a person in authority

28. Interrupt; obstruct the path of a vehicle in overtaking it

29. Develop

30. Faint; graduate

31. Investigate

32. Endure

33. Cease working; cease business

34. Stop having faith or belief in

35. Look and feel weak or sick; speak badly of people

36. Store

37. Introduce

38. Confess or admit

39. Desert

40. Withdraw

41. Abolish; get rid of

42. Treat someone unfairly by criticizing

43. Move towards something

44. Pass something to the next person in a series or succession; pass responsibility for something to someone else; delegate.

45. Move to an earlier time

46. Survive (an unpleasant experience or period)

47. Make a success of something against all expectations

48. Think about something carefully

49. Say that you'd like someone to give you something

50. Be used until no longer usable; tire out